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What Can You Hang Using Aluminum French Cleats?

  • by Arthur Harrison
  • 5 min read

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In the picture-hanging world, French Cleats have quite the reputation. They’re known for their incredible stability and wide range of sizes and weight capacity – that makes it possible to hang just about anything on the wall.

Aluminum French Cleats are popular among artists. However, their features go beyond hanging the walls of an art studio or gallery. You can use French Cleats at home, in offices, schools, and any business establishment that needs wall decor.

If you’re still getting to know French Cleats, we’ve gathered a list of things you can possibly hang with them, along with our recommended cleat sizes and profiles for your convenience.

Massive and Valuable Art Pieces

Two people hanging up a big piece of art

The essence of each artwork carries a piece of the artist. With each stroke holds the artist’s thought, emotion, or perspective. That being said, we understand its value.

Thus, when something is deemed valuable, it becomes all the more imperative that we handle it with care, and this encompasses securely hanging it on the wall.

So, when it comes to hanging art pieces, big or small, you can never go wrong with French Cleats. Their strength and stability are unmatched, making you feel at ease seeing that artwork on the wall. Many of our customers are impressed with how French Cleats perform, saying that they’re the perfect hanger for the job.

To choose the most suitable size for your artwork, refer to the table below:

Please be mindful that the choice of frame and the weight of the object should be taken into account. Our selection of French Cleats encompasses a diverse range of weight ratings, and we offer specific cleats designed for both wooden and metal frames. This ensures that you can select the most suitable cleats for your specific hanging needs, guaranteeing secure and reliable mounting.

Here are some items you can hang securely using French cleats:

Large and Heavy Picture Frames

Living room with a big art piece on the wall

Another common item to hang on the wall is a picture frame. Much like framed and unframed pieces, they come in various sizes. For instance, small to medium-sized frames are often arranged together on the wall to create a gallery wall. At times, people opt for hanging a single large frame, turning it into a statement piece within the room.


Large mirror on the wall

Enhancing an empty wall with a sizable mirror is among the most effective methods to brighten your space while simultaneously creating a captivating focal point. Mirrors have the remarkable ability to instantly expand the perception of space and elevate its elegance, all without requiring any extensive renovation.

Given their delicate nature and the potential hazards associated with broken glass, it is crucial to ensure that mirrors are securely and sturdily mounted on the wall. We understand that you can use different kinds of hanging hardware to hang mirrors. 

Should you choose French cleats, please make sure to check our PHS Cleat Guide below for the most suitable French cleat size and weight rating for your mirror.

Heavy Decorative Objects

Framed decorative world map hung on the wall of a living room

Throughout the year, we observe various national holidays and cultural celebrations that are deeply ingrained in our traditions.

A delightful way to partake in these festivities is by infusing our living spaces with thematic decorations that align with these special occasions. Notable examples include New Year, Valentine's Day, Easter, the arrival of summer, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the festive spirit of Christmas.

Yet, at times, it doesn't even have to be tied to a specific theme or celebration. There are moments when you simply wish to elevate the ambiance of your space. In such instances, you can opt to adorn your surroundings with items like shadow boxes, framed flags, flat sculptures, and more.

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Big Boards for School or Offices

Corkboard with sticky notes

Transitioning to more utilitarian wall additions, two practical items that find their place on the wall with the help of French Cleats are whiteboards and bulletin boards. These serve as indispensable tools in professional and educational environments such as offices and classrooms.

Given the need for ample writing and display space in these settings, these boards are often bigger than usual, ensuring that important information is visible to all who pass by.

In terms of hanging solutions, the market offers a variety of options. However, if your priority is securing your boards in a level and stable fashion, French Cleats should undoubtedly be among your top choices.



Headboards, while considered optional, play a significant role in the composition of a bed. Historically, they served the practical purpose of providing insulation and protection from the cold. However, in modern times, their primary function has shifted towards decoration. This is why some individuals opt for a more streamlined and minimalist appearance, choosing to forgo headboards altogether.

If you're a fan of headboards, you may already be acquainted with wall-mounted or 'floating headboards,' especially popular with adjustable beds. These headboards are affixed to the wall, diverging from the conventional bed frame attachment. This subtle adjustment enhances the overall aesthetic, injecting a fresh and stylish design element into the bed.

And yes, you can hang up a headboard using French Cleats! Here’s a helpful video on how to do it: 

Storage Solutions or Wall Organizers

Pegboard hung on the wall, above a desk

Finally, French Cleats offer a reliable method for mounting storage and organization solutions. Remarkably, our cleats can support weights exceeding 100 lbs, making them an excellent choice for securely storing or organizing items on your wall.

Three highly favored options for wall storage and organization are floating shelves, pegboards, and garage wall organizers. These solutions not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your wall but also offer great flexibility in customization. When installed with French Cleats, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that these units are securely anchored to the wall, even when bearing substantial weight.

Here is an example of how to use aluminum French Cleats to hang a wall shelf:

Final Thoughts

As you have read, aluminum French cleats are versatile hanging solutions that can be used in various applications, from art and pictures to mirrors and storage solutions. Their strength, stability, and ease of installation make them a go-to choice for homeowners and designers looking for secure and stylish mounting options. 

With French cleats, you can create a well-organized, aesthetically pleasing, and functional living space while ensuring that everything stays in its place. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional, these cleats can make your hanging projects more manageable and successful.

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