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Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

7 Types of Hangers That Artists Need

  • by Arthur Harrison
  • 5 min read

Being an artist requires not only skills and creativity, but also a meticulous curation of how your artwork is presented. In the world of art hanging, this is a seemingly humble yet crucial element in the art of display. 

In this article, we dive into seven types of hangers that every artist needs. From versatile options for various frame sizes to specialized hangers for different needs, this guide is our go-to for elevating the presentation of your artistic creations.

Here’s a Picture Hang Solutions shopping list for artists!

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Gallery Hanging Systems

Gallery Systems are functional yet stylish methods of displaying frames on the wall and are a crowd favorite. A gallery system is a picture hanging system that suspends one or multiple frames using a rod, cables, and hooks. It is renowned for its sophisticated presentation and its adaptability to changing needs.

At Picture Hang Solutions, you can choose from the following variations:

If you aspire to replicate the aesthetic of art galleries and museums in your space, this is your best option. With its diverse styles and variations, you can never go wrong with gallery systems.

French Cleats - Picture Hang Solutions

French Cleats

French Cleats are the reliable go-tos. This picture-hanging method involves two aluminum strips, one attached to the wall and the other to the back of the frame.

French cleats are the most stable picture-hanging products because they evenly distribute the object's weight to the cleats. Our store has a wide selection of sizes and cleat lengths, accommodating various preferences for size and cleat profile. That said, cleats are ideal for artists creating art pieces in different sizes or using heavy frames, ranging from light to heavy weight.

We highly recommend the French cleats for those aiming to hang art perfectly straight with ease and confidence that it will not fall!

Brass Hooks - Picture Hang Solutions

Brass Hooks

This artist's shopping list wouldn't be complete without wall hooks! Some frames already come with picture hanging hardware, all that's left to do is prepare wall hanging hooks to complement your framed art, right?

There are three weight ratings you can choose from:

  • 30 lbs

  • 50 lbs

  • 100 lbs

With these three options, our wall hooks are ideal for artists creating artwork in various sizes and weights, up to 100 lbs.

Alternatively, you can also opt for our Nickel Hooks, which function similarly. They only differ in finish and design. If you want a straightforward type of picture-hanging hardware, both Brass and Nickel Hooks are the way to go.

Bear Claw Screws - Picture Hang Solutions

Bear ClawScrews 

If wall hooks aren't your current preference, you can always opt for Bear Claw Screws. They are as easy to install as Brass Hooks, performing the same function of securely holding your frames on the wall. The Bear Claw Screw is versatile, accommodating various hanging mechanisms such as picture wire, D-rings, sawtooth hangers, and Euro hangers.

Bear Claw Screws are designed for use on drywall and can support up to 100 lbs when installed on a wood stud and up to 30 lbs without a wall anchor. This makes them particularly suitable for artists whose pieces fall within the light to medium weight range.

Please be mindful to select one of the two installation options: either mount on a wood stud or install on drywall (without a stud) using an anchor. This decision is crucial because employing bear claw screws with an anchor is akin to securing it on a stud.

D-rings - Picture Hang Solutions


For artists who frequently work with wood frames, D-rings should be at the top of your list if you intend to hang them on the wall. Constructed from metal strips folded and joined with a D-shaped ring in the middle, D-rings come in various sizes to accommodate frames of different weights.

Different sizes of D-rings available include:

  • Medium D-ring
  • Wide 1-Hole D-ring
  • 2-Hole D-ring
  • Small 1-Hole Hanger
  • Small Strap Hanger
  • Large Strap Hanger
  • Mega Strap Hanger

By utilizing D-rings and adhering to the specified weight ratings, you can confidently hang your artwork, knowing  you’re using these highly used and recommended hangers.

Euro Hangers - Picture Hang Solutions

Euro Hangers

Conversely, if you're an artist who prefers metal frames, then Euro Hangers are tailored to your needs. Picture hangers designed for metal frames like this offer an easier installation than D-rings typically used on wooden frames while maintaining comparable strength.

For most metal frame hangers, the weight capacity is determined by the weight of the metal frame itself, not the hanger. It's advisable to consult the specifications provided by the frame manufacturer for accurate information.

It's important to note that Euro Hangers are not the only metal frame hangers available in-store. You also have the option to choose from the following products:

  • Solid Hanger

  • 3-Part Hanger

  • Snap Hanger

Working with metal frames is a breeze when it comes to hangers. They are designed to snap, slide, or clip onto the open channel at the back of the metal frame, and that's it! You're ready to hang your piece.

Security Kits - Picture Hang Solutions

Security Kits

Last but not the least, we’re onto our most secure picture hanging product, the Security Kit. This kit includes a T-screw, mounting plates, and wall brackets. These components work together to form a locking system, with its security ensured by the use of the appropriate security wrench for T-head screws (sold separately).

Because of its protective features, we highly recommend Security Kits for artists whose artworks are either of significant value, will be publicly displayed, or both. This precautionary measure aims to prevent potential theft or accidents that could occur due to the constant influx of people.

Acrylic Easels - Picture Hang Solutions

Bonus Item: Easels

Easels may not function as traditional hangers, but they deserve a special mention because of their relevance in displaying items like art. Unlike wall displays, easels are designed for placement on tables or countertops, making them ideal for showcasing smaller objects. 

Examples of items for display on our Acrylic Easels include framed art, picture frames, books, plates, and portraits. These easels provide a contemporary aesthetic, offering a stylish way to exhibit your art pieces or other cherished objects in your space.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a wide selection of art hangers offers artists a range of options to meet their specific needs. With various products in-store that are tailored to different preferences and requirements, artists can select ideal tools to showcase their creativity and bring their visions to life on the walls. 

Whether as simple as traditional hooks or the stability of specialized picture hanging hardware, the number of choices empowers artists to curate their spaces in a way that best complements their artistic endeavors.

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