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5 Items to Safeguard with Furniture Safety Brackets

  • by Arthur Harrison
  • 5 min read

Picture this: you’ve just set up your new bookshelf in the corner of your living room just in time for your housewarming party. Then, kids were playing and tried to reach for something above them! Because of their weight and force pulling down on the shelf, it starts to tilt 😱

Yikes! There are two things that could happen:

 Picture Hang Solutions - Illustration on the Importance of Furniture Anti-Tip Kits


The scenario 1 (left) is: your furniture could get destroyed, someone might have gotten hurt, and you’d have to deal with the aftermath. But what if we told you that there’s a way to prevent those situations from happening altogether? 

In scenario 2 (right), the kids aren’t hurt, and the party continues. That’s because you safeguarded your shelf to the wall usingfurniture wall brackets!Also known as our Anti-Tip Kits, these products secure large pieces of furniture to the wall and prevent them from falling to the ground completely.

Between the two scenarios, you’d prefer the latter of the two, right? ? Securing large and heavy furniture is truly a lifesaver, especially in places where accidents are more likely to happen. 

So, what are furniture safety brackets, and how do they work? Read on to the next section!




The Power of Furniture Safety Brackets

Did you know that our Furniture Anti-Tip Kit can support up to 400 lbs? That’s equivalent to 4 bags of cement or 1 million dollars stacked in 5-dollar bills!

Bet you didn’t expect such a small piece of hardware to hold furniture as heavy as, or even larger than, humans, did you?

This heavy-duty and child-safety hardware is designed to prevent large objects and furniture from tipping over completely. When installed, the worst that could happen is the objects sliding off the furniture as it tilts – a much better scenario than the entire piece crashing to the floor and causing more damage.

Crafted from durable steel material, this safety protectionfurniture hardware includes aircraft-grade steel cable that securely anchors the furniture to the wall. It’s suitable for use at home, in schools (especially where there are many kids), or even in commercial and business settings.

Installing Furniture Anti-Tip Kits

Here comes the part that often intimidates most people: installation. We’re here to reassure you that there’s no need to be intimidated. The infographic below will guide you through. Before the installation, here’s a list of things you need:
  • Power Drill
  • An Anti-Tip Kit
  • Stud Finder (Optional)
How to Install Anti-Tip Kits - Picture Hang Solutions


If you want to delve into the components comprising the Anti-Tip Kit and find answers to common questions, check out this article:What is an Anti-Tip Kit and Why You Need Them.


5 Objects and Furniture You Can Safeguard with Furniture Wall Brackets

We’ve established that this hardware is intended for use with big objects. But what specific furniture can be protected with Anti-Tip Kits?

Wooden Cabinets

Wooden Cabinets  

Have you ever filled filing cabinets to the brim and wondered, “How can paper weigh this much?” Most commonly found in offices and schools, large file cabinets tend to become surprisingly heavy. Moreover, the frequent in-and-out of papers can sometimes lead people to forget to close certain drawers, resulting in the tilting of cabinets and, eventually, their falling.

In areas where people frequently access wooden filing cabinets,  the possibility of these heavy filing tilting and falling becomes a significant safety concern. It’s important to note that our Anti-Tip Kits have a weight rating of 400 lbs. While installing this safety hardware may not entirely eliminate this risk, it does provide individuals in the vicinity more time to move before any major damage occurs.

As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry!



Now let’s talk about bookshelves. What you place on them isn’t limited to books alone; they can also hold picture frames, vases, collectors’ items, and many more. Similar to filing cabinets, bookshelves also have the tendency to become quite heavy. The real concern arises when kids are around and try to climb up to reach something. It’s unsettling to even think about what could happen, isn’t it?

We want to emphasize that installing Anti-Tip Kits doesn’t keep the shelf from completely falling, but it does delay it, keeping it a short tilting distance from the wall. This provides enough time to clear the area in case the furniture does fall to the ground.

Keep the little ones safe, folks!

Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clock

Integrating a grandfather clock into a room is a timeless and elegant addition. However, a tall grandfather clock positioned against the wall may present a tipping hazard. Like the furniture discussed in the previous sections, a grandfather clock could potentially tip over too, posing both damage to the clock and a safety risk. 

To avoid such incidents, it's crucial to take an extra safety measure — the utilization of the Anti-Tip Kit. We wouldn't want such vintage and timeless pieces to go to waste now would we?


Large Dresser


Similar to filing cabinets and bookshelves, dressers can accumulate a lot of weight. If drawers are left open, they might create a weight imbalance in the dresser’s center of gravity, potentially leading to tilting. Kids may also climb on opened drawers to reach for something above. To ensure safety, we also recommend installingfurniture wall brackets to secure dressers to the wall.  It’s always better to stay on the safe side, right?


Display Case

Display Case

Lastly, we’ve got display cases. The items placed in this storage unit include:

  • Collectibles such as crystals, perfume bottles, toys and dolls, plates and more
  • Memorabiliarelated to sports, celebrity, and cherished family mementos
  • An elevated pantry filled with delectable food and drinks

Incorporating display cases into a room is a thoughtful choice, especially if you want to add your personality and interests into your space. However, as seen in the image above, large display cases may pose a tipping hazard as well. To mitigate the risk of such incidents, it's essential to implement an additional safety measure using the Anti-Tip Kit.

Final Thoughts

Anti-Tip Kits are tiny but mighty. This type offurniture hardware has the ability to be the hero in unexpected situations. They’re not just for preventing accidents, they’re also excellent for maintaining your furniture in good condition, saving you money, and providing you with peace of mind knowing that you’ve taken an extra safety precaution. 

Should you need more assistance with installing Anti-Tip Kits or wish to delve deeper into their functionality, email us at support@picturehangsolutions.com. Our dedicated team is ready to address any inquiries you may have.

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