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Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

What is an Anti-Tip Kit and Why You Need Them

  • by Arthur Harrison
  • 5 min read

Picture this!

You have a large piece of furniture. It could be a tall, heavy dresser or a large bookshelf.

Now imagine an earthquake causes your large furniture to tip over. It might fall on you or a loved one, causing possible bodily injury and damage to your priceless collectibles. 

It could be worse; what if it fell onto your child or pet? The thought of this happening is more than troubling, and it would be ideal if we could prevent this.

FortunatelyFurniture Anti Tip Kits (also known as Anti Tip Furniture Brackets) can help anchor your large or heavy furniture to avoid these possible tragedies. 

Introducing The Furniture Anti-Tip Kits

The solution to furniture tipping over is an easy-to-install, and perhaps life-saving, piece of furniture hardware called an Anti-Tip Kit

📌 What is an Anti-Tip Kit?

An Anti-Tip Kit is a piece of heavy-duty hardware designed to hold the furniture and stop it from tipping. Anti-Tip Kits anchor down top-heavy and unsteady furniture using a robust steel wire clipped to brackets. They fasten shelves, cabinets, and TVs to the wall.

📌 Weight Capacity and Ideal Usage

Inside the kit are two brackets to secure furniture to the wall. One is installed on the wall and the other on the large cabinets or shelves. This life-saving hardware may be small, but it can hold up furniture up to 400 lbs. 

The furniture safety brackets are steel, and the cable is a galvanized steel aircraft cable, making anti-tip kits perfect for securing filing cabinets, dressers, bookshelves, and more. They are also ideal for large displays, kiosks, shelving units, and furniture in retail or commercial settings.

📌 Limitations

Our anti-tip kits can only be used on wood furniture but can be installed on any wall type. Just remember to use the proper screws compatible with the kind of wall you’re installing the hardware on. 

📌 Other Features and Benefits

As an item that prevents furniture from falling over entirely, it can be considered a child-safety product that decreases the risk of accidents involving babies, toddlers, and children. 

It’s a regular occurrence for kids to play around the house. They occasionally pull drawers to form something similar to a staircase and climb up to the top. In addition to attempting to reach forbidden items, some of their quests include making jungle gyms out of whatever is available.

If you have large furniture, large business equipment, or kids at home, the Anti-Tip Kits are excellent hardware to ensure safety.

What’s Inside an Anti-Tip Kit?

Let’s take a look at the contents of one pack. This way, you’ll know the names of the hardware included and what to expect when you order one.

Here’s what’s inside:

 1. Steel anti tip furniture brackets (2 pcs.)

→ They serve as the anchor that resists the pull of the cable when the furniture is tipping over.

2. Galvanized steel aircraft cable (1 pc, 6 ½ inches) 

→ The cable holds the furniture against the wall and pulls it up, keeping it from completely falling to the floor.

3. Clevis Pin (2 pcs.) 

→ The clevis pin is the hardware insert through the holes of the furniture safety brackets.

4. Locking Pin (2 pcs.) 
→ The locking pin locks the clevis pin in place, disabling it from sliding out the holes and for the cable to get a good grip on the clevis pin and the furniture safety brackets.

How To Install Furniture Anti-Tip Kits

The furniture anti-tip kits are not that hard to install. Still, the installation process is quite different from the usual picture hanging hardware.

First, install the anti-tip kits on the furniture, then on the wall. Here’s how:

On wood furniture:

1. Drill a small hole at the upper back portion of the furniture, a little below the top edge.

2. To attach the cable into the furniture safety brackets:

  • Place the bracket on a flat surface.
  • Put the cable in between the bracket holes.
  • Insert the clevis pin through the three holes.
  • Secure the other side of the bracket hole with a locking pin.

3. Mount the bracket to the underside of the furniture top (inside the furniture) by using the screws provided.

4. Place the other end of the loop into the hole leading to the wall.

📝 NOTE: To ensure the security of extra large furniture and business equipment, we recommend installing two Anti-Tip Kits on either side of the equipment.

⚒️ Installation on the wall:

1. Find a stud in the wall using a stud finder. Then, drill a hole.

2. Install the other bracket vertically by screwing it in place.

3. Attach the cables through the bracket holes. Refer to the steps above.

For visual reference, watch this tutorial video by Ron Hazelton: 

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to essential hangers like the Furniture Anti-Tip Kits, there are several things folks want to know aside from the details above. So here are a few questions that you might have:

1. Could I attach the bracket to the back of solid wood furniture instead of drilling a hole and attaching it to the top?

➡️ Attaching it that way might compromise its holding power. 

The reason we recommend installing it to the underside of the top is to give the screws more strength. This way, the force of a fall would pull the screws sideways instead of straight out.

2. How long is the cable?

➡️ The cable measures 6 ½ inches. It is long enough to hold onto large furniture and stop it from tipping over.

3. Is one enough for an extra large piece of furniture?

➡️ We recommend using two anti-tip brackets for larger furniture. Install them on each side of the furniture.

4. Can these be used to anchor furniture into a concrete wall?

➡️ Yes, but make sure to use concrete screws and install them correctly. We recommend using conical concrete anchors. Drill a hole in the correct size, insert the anchor, and install the bracket.

5. Is it easy to unhook? 

➡️ Yes. Just remove the locking pin to pull out the clevis pin easily.

6. Can a child easily grab the locking pin from the wall? My dresser isn’t tall and I'm worried that my kid might be able to reach and release the pin.

➡️ No, it would need some force to remove the locking pin from its place.

Final Thoughts

The Anti-Tip Kit is a useful piece of hardware whether in residential or business settings. By using this furniture hardware, you can prevent bodily injury, damage to your precious collections, and accidents involving your family members. 

That said, you may purchase Anti-Tip Kits here!

If you have more questions, email us at support@picturehangsolutions.com and our team will be glad to help. Happy hanging!

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