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Orders over $99 ship FREE

Wood Frame Hangers

Also known as strap hangers, mirror hangers, or d-rings, these hanging hardware are perfect for projects big and small. Use them with or without picture wires to hang items with wooden frames.

Strap hangers are steel ring hangers held by a doubled-over steel strap. Multiple screw holes in the strap reduce the possibility of hanger failure due to screw tear-out. Strap hangers come in narrow and wide widths to accommodate different frame sizes.

When used with picture wire, strap, and D-ring hangers should be positioned on the back of the frame at an angle that will roughly match the angle of the picture wire when the picture is hung. Ensure that the Picture Wire and Picture Hooks you select are strong enough to support the frame's weight.

When used without wire, strap and D-ring hangers should be aligned vertically at the upper corners on the back of the frame. The picture is then hung directly on substantial picture hooks or screws anchored into the wall.

When combined with picture wire on very heavy pictures--or in any circumstance where an added measure of security is desired--heavy-duty hangers and wire can be doubled to create even stronger support for the picture. If your frame is wide enough, you might prefer to use the mega strap hanger instead.