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Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Everything You Need to Know About Metal Frame Picture Hangers

  • by Arthur Harrison
  • 7 min read


A new piece of artwork can beautify your wall, but without the proper hanging hardware it can lead to scratched or scuffed walls and even a broken frame.

Metal picture frames are just one of the many beautiful and classy types of frames out there—what a waste it would be if they all go crashing down to the ground just because of the wrong hardware.

Frames can make or break the look of your wall and using the wrong picture hanger is a tragedy waiting to happen.

In this article, get to know the different types of metal picture frame hangers available so you’ll never have to deal with this nightmare EVER.

What Are Metal Frame Picture Hangers?

Metal picture frame hangers are various types of hardware that’s specifically made to work with metal frames only. They are designed to snap, slide, or clip into the open channel found on the back of a metal frame.

All our hanging hardware for metal frames is compatible with an #11 profile. 

The #11 Profile has a thin and sleek design and offers a minimal contemporary look. Since it’s thinner compared to other profiles, the #11 metal frames are ideal for photographs, drawings, and prints. 

It’s the standard metal frame profile and currently, about 95% of the current metal molding market uses it.

Not sure what brands have this specific profile? We’ve created a list of all the current manufactured metal frames that our hangers are compatible with. 

  • Nielsen
  • Clark
  • Designer
  • Alumaframe
  • Global Art
  • MCS
  • Decor
  • Most original equipment manufacturer (OEM) manufacturers

With this many manufacturers, it’s undoubtedly easy to get your hands on #11 profile frames.

Now that we’ve established the type of metal frame we are using, let's talk about the different picture hangers you can use with them. 

Getting to Know Each Type of Metal Frame Hanger

You’d be surprised how many picture hangers there are, specifically made for metal frames alone. Here at Picture Hang Solutions, we have curated the best selection to be used in various applications.

Metal Frame Euro Hanger

You might have already seen the euro hangers elsewhere. That’s because they are one of the most common picture hangers for metal frames. Not only are they easy to use, but Euro Hangers are also installed with screws for extra security.

Euro Hanger for Metal Frames


By the way, don’t these look like soda can tops? We agree but they are truly so much more. 

The primary function of euro hangers is to keep the hanging wire in place. They’re attached 1/3 down the side rails and finished off by tying a picture wire.

Metal Frame Solid Hanger

Solid Hanger for Metal Frames

Solid Hangers are L-shaped hanging hardware that are similar to Euro Hangers. Both have unique designs; however, one side of the solid hanger is at a lower angle to fit seamlessly into the frame channel. It comes with a screw to prevent movement.

Metal Frame 3-Part Hanger

3-Part Hanger fort Metal Frames

Hmm, does this look familiar to you?

If you know a thing or two about D-Rings on wood frames, this 3-part hanger is its counterpart for metal frames. Just like Euro and Solid Hangers, insert them into the side rails, screw them in tightly, and use them in conjunction with picture wires.

Metal Frame Snap Hanger

Snap Hanger for Metal Frames

This snap hanger has a unique shape and looks similar to a boomerang. The hooks on either side are angled lower than the one in the middle so that you can insert them into the channel seamlessly. Meanwhile, the big hole in the middle is where the picture wire comes in to hang the frame.

Snap-in Sawtooth for Metal Frames

Snap-In Sawtooth for Metal Frames

Another picture hanger with an easy snapping mechanism is the Snap-In Sawtooth Hangers. They have claws that hold themselves tight into the metal frame channel. Aside from that, they’re incredibly thin, thus allowing the frame to hang flush to the wall.

Metal Frame Notch Hanger

Notch Hanger for Metal Frames

We weren’t kidding when we said metal frame hangers are designed to slide, snap or clip onto the frame channel. 

Notch Hangers are sawtooth-type hangers with, yet again, a snapping mechanism. The difference is thatthe snap-in sawtooth hanger is thinner while this one is a bit bulkier, having a channel measuring 1/ 2” wide and 3/ 16” deep.

Wall Buddies Metal Slide-In

Wall Buddies are sawtooth-type and self-leveling picture hangers. They're best on metal frames that measure 11" wide and support up to 30 lbs. These hangers are sold in packs that already include the wall hardware you need to hang the frame.

Slide-in Wall Buddies for Metal Frames

These Slide-In Wall Buddies add strength to frame corners, eliminate the possibility of broken wires and bowed frames, and keep artwork level and flush to the wall. This way, hanging frames is easier, faster, and more professional.

How to Choose the Right Metal Frame Hanger

Guessing what picture hanger to use and hoping for the best is asking for trouble. Let’s make sure we select the proper hanger from the start and avoid any picture hanging nightmares.  

There are two things to consider when choosing the correct hanger:


For most metal frame hangers, the weight capacity is based on how heavy the metal frame itself is, not the hanger. It’s best to check the frame manufacturer specifications to be sure.

That said, the Wall Buddies are the only metal frame hangers with an indicated weight capacity rated to support up to 30 pounds.


The size of a frame can sometimes dictate the number of frame hardware you’ll need depending on the type of hanger. 

For example, you can use just one Snap-In Sawtooth or Notch Hanger on small frames, but we recommend using two for bigger frames. 

Meanwhile, the other metal frame hangers that are used with picture wire require two for each frame, specifically these hangers:

  • Euro Hanger
  • Snap Hanger
  • 3-Part Hanger
  • Solid Hanger
  • Wall Buddies

Weight and size are the primary things to consider to get the right hanger, but you can also add your preference as a bonus. For example, you can opt for Euro Hangers or Snap-In Sawtooths for a no-fuss installation or go for wall buddies to ensure the frame is secure and level. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices based on the numbers, ask yourself which of these hangers would you want to work with?

Hand installing snap-in sawtooth hanger onto a metal frame

An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Metal Frame Picture Hangers

One way to determine what hanger you want is to know how hard they are to install. You’ll most likely be hanging frames yourself, so you must be comfortable with the product. 

Feeling overwhelmed with metal hanger information already?  We are here to help you get through the installation process. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to hang metal picture frames.

How to Install a Metal Frame Euro Hanger

The Euro Hanger is similar to the 3-Part Hanger and the Solid Hanger. You may follow these instructions for both hangers as well.

    1. Place the Euro Hanger into the two side frame channels
    2. Measure 1/ 3 down from the top and screw the hanger into the channels tightly.
    3. Attach the wires into the Euro Hangers
How to tie picture wire

4. From the middle, pull the wire 2-3 inches up to give it some slack. This makes it easier to put into a hook on the wall.
5. Hang frame

How to Install a Metal Frame Snap Hanger

You’ll need two of these metal frame snap hangers, which will go on the side rails at the back of the frame. 
1. Insert and snap the hanger into the channel to attach it.
2. Tie picture hanging wire into the holes of the snap hanger. (See instructions above.)
3. Hang the frame.
    To remove, place a flat blade screwdriver parallel to the frame and in the hole and then push while holding the frame secure.

    How to Install a Snap-In Sawtooth and Notch Hanger for Metal Frames

    These hangers are attached to the upper rail of the frame. One sawtooth hanger in the middle is enough, but we recommend using two hangers for bigger frames to ensure they're level.

    1. Press down the sawtooth into the frame channel.
    2. Hang the frame.
    Snap-in sawtooth hanger installed on a metal frame

    How to Install Wall Buddies Metal Slide-In

    To install, you’ll have to partially disassemble your frame so you can slide in the wall buddies onto the frame channel. If you haven’t tried assembling a sectional metal frame before, make sure to read the instructions to know what to expect when attaching the hangers to the frame.

    Disassembling the frame:

    1. Place the frame facing down on a blanket on the table.
    2. Remove the metal springs under the top rail and set aside.
    3. Loosen the screws on the steel corner plates.
      • Remove the top rail by gently pulling it directly back from the rest of the frame. 
      • Don’t let the side rails splay out when removing the top rail.
      4. Remove the steel corner plate and backplate from each end of the top rail.


      Installing the Wall Buddies:

      5. Insert the left and right Wall Buddies Hangers into the top rail.
      • Replace only the tapped corner plates on top of the hangers.
      • Discard the two backplates.
      6. Reassemble the top rail into the rest of the frame.
      • Be careful not to damage the glass or allow debris to enter the frame.
      • Retighten the set screws on the tapped corner plates.
      7. Reinstall the metal springs under the top rail.

      Installing the wall hardware:

      8. Measure the distance between the arrow marks on the left and right hangers.
      • The wall hooks should be spaced apart at this same distance.
      9. Nail the two wall hooks provided into the wall.
      • The nails should be located approximately 1 1/ 2” down from where you want the top of the frame to be.
      10. Hang the frame.
      • The sawtooth edges should rest on the exposed shank of the nail inside the special wall hooks.
      • To level, slide the frame left or right with a slight lifting motion.


      Selecting the right picture hangers for your metal frame can be complicated but with these various hangers you are sure to get the job done! They’re simple and easy to use and they take only a few minutes to install. 

      Happy Hanging! 

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