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15 Non-Traditional Things You Can Frame and Hang

  • by Arthur Harrison
  • 5 min read

Art is awe-inspiring and elevates a space by infusing our personalities onto blank walls. That’s why wall art is the best way to instantly decorate a space and save it from looking dull and boring. There are so many different art ideas to choose from, ranging from classic paintings to modern photography.   

But did you know you can use everyday items and personal collections, too?

In this article, we will explore some of the items you can put inside a frame and which picture hangers to hang them with. Whether you are looking to create a gallery wall or just add a single piece of art to a room, this guide will provide you with plenty of inspiration to get started.


Scarf design is art in itself. Framing a scarf and hanging it up on the wall is an easy and affordable DIY decor for a space that needs a little sprucing up. It’s also a great way to make use of extra scarves that would be hidden away in a drawer. 

⚒️ PRO TIP: Use the correct picture hangers for these specific frames. 

This tip can be applied to the other items on this list.

Coffee Bean Sacks

This idea is perfect for coffee lovers or cafe owners. It’s a clever and elegant way to express one’s fascination for coffee or decorate a business establishment run by caffeine. With burlap coffee sacks on display, customers can get a connection to the source of coffee beans. What a great way to promote agriculture, appreciate farmers, and be more sustainable by repurposing the sacks.


World Maps or Travel Maps

World maps make excellent content for frames too. Looking at the many places of the world at a glance can spark something in every person whether that’s the urge to travel or pique an interest in places around the world. It could also serve as an inspiration for aspiring travelers to go see different places.

Star Constellation Maps

Another thing you can frame is a star constellation map. It sparks the same joy and inspiration as world maps or travel maps as it is a huge aspect of the world we don’t get to see from where we are. Astrology maps also pique curiosity and interest in the night sky – something we usually overlook or literally sleep on.

Cork Board

Looking for a more functional thing to put inside a frame? Try framing a cork board! This can double as a mood board which you can easily decorate and redecorate anytime, or even create a cute display for your jewelry or mementos. 

Vintage Advertisements

Fond of vintage memorabilia? Inject that interest into your space and make it a focal point in the room! Anyone who pays you a visit will easily be drawn to them as the design brings a pop of color into your space. Aside from that, it's refreshing to see an aesthetic from the past that we rarely see these days.


Old Newspaper Clippings

If you're an avid newspaper or history fan with clippings kept in storage bins or shoeboxes, this idea is for you. Framed old newspapers are interesting as home decor because you can tell historical stories and showcase editorials and opinions by people from the past.

Pressed Flowers

This is a crowd favorite, especially by the younger generation who lives by Pinterest. There are different ways to do this so you can have variation. You can use clear frames or matted frames, or you can use big flowers and plants or small ones for a dainty look.


Wrapping Paper

There are tons of wrapping paper styles available and they’re relatively inexpensive when you consider them for wall decor. You’ll certainly find the one that you’re most drawn to. This is a great item you can frame and add to a gallery wall. 

✨ Fun tip: Choose a design that contrasts nicely with a frame! For example, a black and white thin striped wrapping paper inside an intricately designed gold vintage-looking frame.



If you’re patriotic or someone who likes history, you can frame a flag and hang it up on your wall. Similar to old newspaper clippings and vintage memorabilia, it represents a part of history. This would make a great decor for a business establishment with a given theme, or a brand that has strong ties to the past.

Fashion sketches


For fashion designers and enthusiasts, framing sketches and putting them on the wall can be a form of daily inspiration. They’re suitable wall decor for fashion design studios, clothing boutiques, or a simple bedroom of an aspiring designer.


Architectural Plans

Floor plans, blue prints, printed 3D renders – these can all be something you can frame. They may not be understandable to everyone but people sure are curious and love to look at them. Similar to fashion sketches, framing architectural plans can also be a form of daily inspiration. They could also be conversation starters for guests whether they’re hung at home, in the office, or at a studio.

Book Jackets or Covers


Got any favorite books? You can take the book jackets or print book covers and frame them. Displaying them in a gallery wall arrangement is an interesting way to show off your favorite books. Like many other framed items on this list, it would also spark a conversation among guests. It’s perfect for a home library, office, a cafe, a bookstore, or an actual library.

Stamp Collection

Typically, stamp collections are stored in books and displayed on shelves. However, there's no need to shy away from showcasing them in a unique way! Consider framing items such as stamps, movie tickets, or postcards and adorning your walls with these beautiful pieces. Doing so allows you to bask in a multitude of stories and memories.



Finally, let's not forget about drawings on paper. They make excellent candidates for framing and displaying on your walls because of the personal touch they provide. These drawings not only serve as a form of self-expression but also offer a glimpse into your thoughts and emotions during a particular moment in time.

Hang Your Frames

If you’ve put these items inside the frames already, it’s time to hang them up! Here are some products you can use to do so:

Learn more about how to hang frames on the wall by reading these articles: 

Final Thoughts

Who would’ve thought that you could frame so many things and hang them on the wall as decor? We barely scratched the surface with the different types of items that can be framed. There are so many options out there, and we would love to hear about or even see your creativity.  

If you have framed and hung any of these items in your space, let us know in the comments!

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