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12 Non-Art Decor For Gallery Walls That Don’t Need the Typical Picture Hanger

  • by Arthur Harrison
  • 5 min read

Gallery walls are things of beauty and one of the best ways to elevate a space. One of its few drawbacks, however, is that art can be expensive to collect. That’s when we turn to the alternative—decor items that are not works of fine art.

That’s not to say don’t collect art at all, but to broaden your horizons. Incorporating non-traditional gallery pieces packs more interest and personality in a space by breaking up the usual shapes and textures, as opposed to a monotony of smooth canvas and rectangular frames. Think sculptures, toy collectibles, and woven pieces—and items like these require special hanging hardware.

Gallery wall of art and non-art decor
Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy 

In this article, we will focus on what you can hang on your gallery wall using two types of special hanging hardware: wall standoffs and mirror clips. These hanging solutions have a more particular scope than the usual hook and screw, and are effective and reliable for niche hanging needs.

With these ideas, you can experiment and develop a thoughtfully curated wall with the help of the right wall hangers.

Niche Wall Hanging: Gallery Wall Decor Ideas That Are Not Art

Decor Ideas for Wall Standoffs

Wall standoffs are also commonly known as sign standoffs. This is because they’re hanging hardware used primarily for mounting signs securely on a wall. They’re great at making signs, posters, and other informational material eye-catching because of how they pop out or “stand off” from the wall, unlike the usual picture hanger. 

Illustration of wall standoffs

So what can you hang on your gallery wall with this wall hanger? Keep this nifty guide as a reference as you look into the wall decor ideas below:

Neon sign

A neon sign has the power of illumination and works with almost any aesthetic, whether retro, cyberpunk, or minimalist pastel. You can choose to highlight a quote or phrase you like, or feature a dynamic neon sign of a line drawing. 

Neon art hung using acrylic standoffs

Neon signs with acrylic backing are compatible with wall standoffs, and it’s always advisable to consider the weight and size of the application. Our clear acrylic standoffs have a weight capacity of 11 lbs and come in various spacer sizes that determine how far an item “floats” from the wall.

Street sign

As part of a gallery wall, street signs can make your space feel more grounded. The text on street signs also directly contrasts the pictures and art that dominate your wall. This offers the observer variety and gives the brain a little break from purely visual pieces. 

Gallery wall with acrylic street sign hung using standoffs

Take this as a chance to personalize your gallery wall further by choosing a street that you feel a connection to, like the location of a childhood home or a spot on your bucket list. When hanging a street sign on your gallery wall, consider the sign's material so you can choose the compatible standoff for it. Picture Hang Solutions standoffs come in acrylic, brass, and aluminum, all of which are suitable for glass and acrylic items. You can have a custom aluminum sign made for this purpose.

Playing cards

Do you happen to have a favorite card game? Try swiping a couple of cards from an old deck and frame them in glass or acrylic frames. This will infuse a fun, playful vibe into your wall and help make the space feel more laid-back. If you use acrylic standoffs, you can give your display of framed cards a sleek floating effect.

Playing cards on a gallery wall framed in acrylic frames and standoffs

Jigsaw puzzle

When it comes to completing jigsaw puzzles, you don’t often get to bask in the feeling of satisfaction for as much as the time it took to solve one. If you frame it as part of your gallery wall, you’ll be able to appreciate it much more while also sprinkling more personality in your living room or bedroom. 

a gallery wall with a jigsaw puzzle framed using sign stanoffs

Like the previous idea for hanging playing cards, acrylic frames would also look great for a jigsaw puzzle. Take your favorite puzzle and refer to the video below from Ion Acrylics as a guide:


Usually, a tapestry is ready to be hung, but you can opt to take a further step and frame it. This idea works better than you might think, and it’s a reasonable option especially if you’re securing a valuable or antique piece. You might even simply want to minimize the tapestry’s exposure to dust and the elements. 

A tapestry framed on a wall using standoffs
Image courtesy of Architonic

A glass frame would look stunning for this purpose, and you can go with brass or aluminum standoffs to tie off a clean, elegant look.

Below is a general tutorial on how to assemble and install wall standoffs:

Decor Ideas for Mirror Clips

Mirrors are undoubtedly a popular decor choice, and with the right tools and direction, it’s hard to make one look out of place on a gallery wall. Frameless mirrors are among the many types of mirrors you can display, and mirror clips are among the best hardware for hanging them on the wall. 

Illustration of mirror clips

Frameless mirror arrangement

Because we’re more accustomed to mirrors with frames, it’s easy to think of frameless mirrors as lacking a wide variety of styles. On the contrary, though, there are quite a few ways to create an arrangement of frameless mirrors that can keep up with the rest of a sophisticated gallery wall.

One large mirror
A gallery wall with a large frameless mirror displayed using mirror clips

A sizable piece on a gallery wall would not only be a unique point of appeal, but also offer great functionality. With a frameless mirror, you can get a larger-sized mirror without taking up as much precious wall space.

Vintage mirror
A frameless vintage mirror on a gallery wall mounted with mirror clips

There are many types of vintage mirrors, including frameless ones. On a gallery wall they add finesse and a perky visual element, and with clear mirror clips, their intricate detailing is unobstructed. Check out a video tutorial from Busy Bee Living below.

Irregularly shaped mirrors
A gallery wall with an irregular frameless mirror hung

Bonus non-art decor ideas

There’s also a whole trove of non-traditional gallery wall decor you can hang using other picture hangers, so take a gander at some of them below:

  • Something handwoven

A gallery wall with woven baskets as non-art decor

Think baskets, fans, hats, and even jewelry! It could be a souvenir from a trip, a gift from a friend, or a hidden gem scored at the flea market.

  • Candle sconce

Lighting fixtures may be common for many walls, but gallery walls? Not so much. They can be a great addition, though, and effective as a practical aspect—it will help light up the room and highlight the pieces you display. Start with something unimposing, like a lamp or candle sconce.

  • Ribbons

If there’s one style that has been everywhere online lately, it’s the coquette aesthetic. Though it’s characterized by soft and sultry elements such as lace, bows, and pastels, the trend has also embraced a satirical approach—adding a ribbon to anything and everything, from clothing and home appliances to even food.

There’s no reason not to include gallery walls to the list, don’t you think?

  • Dried flowers

We’re used to flowers on the table, as a centerpiece for dining room decor or accents in the bedroom and living room. But anything that can be joined to a frame can be hung on the wall, and flowers are no exception. Here’s a stunning example by Kim Denker:

A gallery wall of framed dried flowers
Image courtesy of Bindle & Brass

Need more ideas? This article covers an even more extensive list: 

Final thoughts

Wall standoffs and mirror clips aren’t your usual picture hangers so this article presents some really niche decor ideas, but they’re still reliable hanging solutions that allow you to bring out your creativity and personality without restriction. With the right hanging companion, almost anything you want to hang on the wall is display-worthy.

If you tried your hand at any of the ideas on this list, or even your very own, you’re more than welcome to share the results with us! Send us a friendly message over at support@picturehangsolutions.com, and you just might be the next person we feature in our newsletter spotlight!

Happy hanging! 

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