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13 DIY Projects to Liven Up Your Walls in 2023

  • by Arthur Harrison
  • 5 min read

Before you start this article, we invite you to look up from your screen and study the space in front of you. Look at the wall. Is it bare? Does it make you despair? Is it spare and does it lack flair? Fear not, for our DIY tips will leave you with a presentation beyond compare!

Today, we’re excited to share our favorite DIY projects you can complete over a weekend or maybe even start and continue as a new hobby.

13 DIY Projects to Liven Up Your Walls in 2023

Macrame Wall Hangings

Add a touch of handmade bohemian flair to your space by making macrame wall hangings. Plant parents usually choose macrame as a supplemental hobby for their plant hanging needs, though you can also learn to make chic wall hangings.

A macrame wall hanging beside a bed
Image from Sarah K. Benning

This is a beginner tutorial from Macrame Princess. Once you learn the basics, you can learn more intricate patterns to make your own modern wall art.

Floating Cardboard Wall Shelves

We know anyone can do this—every household has a bunch of old boxes or cardboard lying around. Boxes and cardboards are the most upcycled DIY project materials, and a cardboard shelf is not that difficult to make.

Floating cardboard wall shelf with a cellphone, keys, and other items
Image from Instructables 

Tufted Wall Tapestries

Tufting is a type of textile art where yarn is repeatedly inserted into a piece of base fabric to create rugs, wall hangings, garments, and other textile products. This option is a bit more expensive and time-consuming, but it’s perfect if you’re looking for a new hobby! It will require some tools and time, but once you get the hang of it, you will discover the joy and satisfaction of thinking up a design, making it come to life, and incorporating it into your interior design. 

A tufted wall tapestry on a wall with plant room decor
Image by Emma Textile Art on Instagram

There’s a lot that goes into the art of tufting. Here’s an introductory video for beginners.

Statement Mirror Frames

Some walls are more utilitarian—not everything can be a gallery wall—but that doesn’t mean you can’t make useful things look pretty! Like the floating wall shelves above, mirrors can be made prettier by customizing the frame into textured wall art. If you remember the foam mirror trending on social media some time ago and haven’t jumped in on it, now is your chance.

A pink foam mirror hanging on a wall
Image from Anna Thoma on Instagram

This trend has taken the Internet by storm precisely because it’s pretty easy to do and involves only a few materials: a mirror, expanding foam, and paint. We recommend using cleats to install mirrors securely and flush on your wall.

Mirror Gallery Wall

Staying on the theme of mirrors, a full-sized mirror with a statement frame can stand alone as a large DIY wall art project. If you have a bunch of smaller mirrors, however, a better idea would be to personalize each of them with statement frames and arrange them gallery-style using wall hooks. Take a look at this lovely tufted mirror gallery:

A colorful gallery of medium size tufted wall mirrors
Image from Pinterest

Paper Tapestries

Paper is a popular sculpture medium, and paper sculptures are terrific for 3D wall art. You might want to look into paper quilling if you’re looking for an artsy hobby that will help you make creative wall art.

If you’re looking for something more straightforward, a paper tapestry is where it’s at. We’ve talked about tapestry wall hangings before, and making something similar with paper is an inexpensive, almost-free alternative. Check out this tapestry made with color-coded paper chains—it’s only made with colored paper, a wooden dowel, and nails for hanging!

A color-coded paper tapestry on a wall. A potted plant sits on the floor as well as a pair of red rain boots
Image by Brittany from The House That Lars Built

Faux Brick Wall

Exposed brick is a classic design choice and a popularly sought-after look. Not everyone can have it for several reasons, such as building codes, wall structure, and construction materials, but there are not many restrictions on setting up a faux brick wall. 

A table, wooden ladder, and basket on top of a low stool with a faux brick wall in the background
Image from Hallstrom Home

Making something similar involves using thin brick tiles (brick veneers) or a hardboard or foam panel designed to mimic the look of exposed brick. The latter is the easier and less inexpensive way to go. Find the tutorial below:

Seashell Wall Hangings

If you live near the beach and like collecting seashells, here’s an easy project to make your wall look straight out of a coastal aesthetic Pinterest board. A seashell wall hanging will require minimal materials: seashells of varying sizes, jute rope, a wooden dowel, and a nail for hanging.

A seashell wall hanging displayed on a wall

Paint Roller Wallpaper

If you’ve been thinking about changing your wallpaper but the thought of doing all that work doesn’t seem particularly appealing, here’s a nifty tool: a patterned paint roller. It’s like a regular paint roller but embossed with patterns. It’s an efficient alternative to wallpaper.

A hand applying wallpaper with a white pattern of plants and birds to a wall using a patterned paint roller
Image from Remodelista

Decorative Ceramic Tiles

Decorative tiles date back to antiquity, along with painted ceramic and the invention of glaze. Medieval churches have always featured decorative tiles with Biblical imagery, and with the industrial production of wall and floor tiles during the Victorian era, decorative tiles started to be seen in more “regular” spaces, such as public buildings, shops, and homes.

Square ceramic tiles displayed on a wall. The tiles have various painted designs
Image from Upcycle My Stuff

Artistic tiles make terrific and eye-catching wall decorations. Online interior decorating shops sell decorative ceramic tiles as patterned sets, but if you want a more vintage and lived-in look, looking for mismatching tiles in antique and thrift shops can be a fun activity. You can also look up artisans that specialize in tiles so you can have the patterns customized. 

To arrange them on your wall, similar to the photo above, you’ll only need adhesive hangers and small nails for hanging.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Pieces

Wood itself is a pretty classy aesthetic – it’s why some interior design themes like rustic farmhouses and mid-century modern are centered on the look of wood, which creates a warm and inviting space. A DIY wooden wall art project can use lumber scraps to create an attractive wall hanging. If you’re handy with tools and have experience with woodworking, check out the wood pieces in this photo:

Painted wooden blocks hung as a decorative wall hanging on a TV wall
Image from The Navage Patch

Upcycled Picture Frames

Listen, you can have several picture frames without pictures and still make a riveting wall piece. A gallery wall made of empty picture frames is totally possible, especially if the picture frames have ornate and artistic designs. In the photo below, the picture frames were painted in a similar color as the wall but in varying shades and tones.

A blue gallery wall of repurposed blue picture frames above a beige couch
Image from DigsDigs

Paint Swatch Gallery

A white wall has its appeal—it gives off a pristine, minimal look that many people are into. This framed paint swatch idea from Laura Gummerman is great if you want to introduce some color to it without having to paint it over. But picture this—how about an entire gallery wall of it? Set the frames up with cleats or a cable hanging system, and you’ll have a visually pleasing arrangement full of your favorite shades and colors.

A gallery of framed paint swatches featuring various shades of yellow, red, and blue

Final Thoughts

From the intricate beauty of macrame wall hangs to the rustic charm of reclaimed wood wall art, each DIY project is a worthy pursuit in letting you experience the joy of crafting something from your own hands. Besides being more inexpensive, it’s a great way to get to know your artistic abilities. 

We hope you picked up a worthy project idea from our list to infuse your walls with personality and a touch of your unique style. Happy crafting!

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