Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Wall Buddies Metal Slide-In


About Metal Slide-In Wall Buddies

• Wall Buddies Metal Frame Hangers will fit on metal frames designated at #11 profile moulding.

• Metal framed pictures must be at least 11" wide to use Wall Buddies.

• Metal Slide in Wall Buddies will support up to 30 pounds.



Slide-In Wall Buddies Hangers for metal sectional frames require partial disassembly of your frame to install the hangers. If you do not have prior experience assembling metal sectional frames, read the instructions tab before ordering this item for an explanation of what is involved in attaching the hangers to the frame.



1) Place the frame face-down on a blanket or soft surface.

2) Carefully remove the metal springs under the frame top rail and set these aside.

3) Loosen the set screws on the steel corner plates at the top corners of the frame and then remove the top rail by gently pulling it directly back from the rest of the frame. Take care not to let the side rails splay out when removing the top rail.

4) Remove the steel corner plate and backplate from each end of the top rail.

5) Insert the left and right Wall Buddies Hangers into the channel of the top rail and replace only the tapped corner plates on top of the hangers. Discard the two backplates.

6) Reassemble the top rail into the rest of the frame. Be careful not to damage the glass or allow debris to enter the frame. Retighten the set screws on the tapped corner plates.

7) Reinstall the metal springs under the top rail.

8) Measure the distance between the arrow marks on the left and right hangers.

9) Nail the two special Wall Buddies wall hooks into the wall, spaced apart at this same distance and as level as possible. The wall hook nails should be located on the wall approximately 1 1/2" down from where you want the top of the frame to be.

10) Hang the frame so that the sawtooth edges of each Wall Buddies Hanger rests on the exposed shank of the nail inside the special wall hooks. With a slight lifting motion, slide the frame left or right to level it.