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7 Simple DIY Wall Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom Using Push Pins

  • by Arthur Harrison
  • 5 min read

How do you make a house feel like a home? One of our favorite tips is to start with the decorations. Surrounding yourself with your favorite colors, images, patterns, and textures quickly creates a safe and comfortable environment. And the best part? You don’t have to break the bank!

While there’s value in hiring professionals to outfit your home to make it look cohesive and intentional, there’s also immense satisfaction in DIY home decor. After all, you know your taste better than anyone, so take it slow and tackle one room at a time.

Gallery wall containing picture frames, vinyls, and tapestriess

Let’s start with your bedroom, the most personal space in your home. Here, you can keep the bedroom decor cozy and intimate with small, meaningful items such as photographs, notes, letters, and posters. To help you achieve this personal touch, we have the perfect tool for you: the push pin hook!

Introducing: Upgraded Push Pins

Push pin hook on a wall holding up keys

You’ve heard of DIY wall decor with push pins—the regular ones used with travel maps and fancy ones with decorative heads. But what if we told you you can get fancy with added functionality?

These push-pin hooks stick to the wall like regular push pins, except they have a novelty heel-shaped body that curves into a hook at the end to hold items more securely. It’s basically a simplified mini-version of a picture-hanging hook.

Other cool features of these push-pin hooks include the following:

  • Holds up to 20 lbs

  • Brass plating for rust and corrosion resistance

  • Compatible with drywall, wood, cork, and softwood

It’s small, nifty, and leaves minimal damage on the wall. It’s also extremely easy to install. Here’s how to do it right:

Steps for how to install a push pin hook on the wall
  1. Hold the push pin by the heel, then gently push it into the wall at a slight angle.

  2. Apply steady pressure and twist the pin slightly while pushing.

  3. Make sure the body is flush against the wall.

  4. Hang your item on the hook.

And there you go! Easy as pie, isn’t it?

Now, let’s get to the fun part: How many ways can you think of to use push pins to decorate your bedroom? Here are a few ideas from us to get you started!

7 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Hang up your favorite posters.

When using pin hooks and adhesive hangers, the best frames are thin, light, and unassuming to make the artwork stand out. These are perfect for creating a poster wall. Round up your favorite movie, concert, and event posters, and note how you can group them together. You can do this in a few different ways, such as by size or color. Take a look at this poster arrangement:

Gallery wall containing framed comic and movie posters
Photo by Kailo Chic

We have a guide for arranging a gallery wall. Though this is with framed picture-hanging in mind, the tips for arranging art on a wall still apply. Check it out here:

We have a few other things in our store to help you achieve this style:

  • Foamboard hangers

  • Zigzag hanger

Curate a mini photo gallery.

In the same spirit as the poster gallery, we’ll need to ditch the big, ornate frames and turn our attention to the small details that can make a significant impact. Grouping small photos in uniform cubes can create a visually appealing display. Analog photos, postcards, small art prints, and other items can all have their moment in a curated arrangement as bedroom wall decor.

Gallery wall containing mostly small to medium sized framed artworks
Photo by Sun Ngo via Chatelaine

Upgrade your corkboard curation.

What defines bedroom decor better than a corkboard filled with photos, notes, and mementos? Corkboards are the best playground for DIY decor. If you’re hesitant about hanging something on a corkboard because you don’t want to puncture a hole in it, that’s what our pin hooks are for! Simply use tape, and a string, hang the item on the hook end, and voila! 

Corkboard containing a collage of printed out photos and artworks
Photo by Sophie via Pinterest

Organize your jewelry with fiber tapestries.

If you’re not big on gallery walls or picture displays, that’s completely fine! Even better if you want a more functional approach to bedroom decor ideas. There are a few ways to veer away from the flat surfaces of photos and artworks and incorporate a different medium or texture. For example, we’re big fans of this crochet tapestry by Destiny Makes:

Crochet tapestries hanging on a wall
Photo via Destiny Makes

Crafting offers the unique advantage of combining beauty with functionality. If you’re crafty or prefer practicality in your purchases, artisan-made everyday objects make excellent bedroom wall decor. For instance, this macrame wall hanging also doubles as a jewelry holder:

A macrame hanging holding up several earrings

Hang clay keyholders by the door.

Before you walk out the door, there are a million things to remember. Our go-to mantra? “Phone, wallet, keys.” That last one can always get you. If you’re tired of searching for your keys every time you leave, consider something like this multipurpose clay curio shelf as a new must-have by the door! 

Try an embroidery art gallery.

You know what’s more interesting than a gallery wall?

A mixed media gallery wall! It doesn’t always have to be about framed art or photos. Mixing media will allow you even more opportunities to play around with textures, shapes, and arrangements. For instance, this gallery wall is made up of mini woven wall hangings and embroidered images in hoops:

A gallery wall containing mini weavings and embroidery hoops
Photo via Clever Poppy

Arrange a small indoor garden.

No, not those kinds of hanging plants you’re thinking about. Our push-pin hooks may be powerful, but they are not capable enough to hold one whole plant pot filled with soil!

Instead, we offer you: air plants. These wonders don’t need any soil and get their nutrients from the environment. You can hold them up in a variety of ways, such as using glass terrariums as containers, driftwood, or even just a fishing line. Here’s one that we love:

Several air plants in geometric wooden containers hanging on a wall
Photo via Wildy Urban

Air plants require different treatment from typical houseplants. Check out this Better Homes and Gardens guide to ensure you’re giving them the proper care!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are push-pin hooks easy to remove?

Yes, push-pin hooks are designed to be easily removable, making them perfect for DIY home decor. To remove, pull the push pin from the wall at an angle to loosen its hold.

How many push-pin hooks do I need?

It all comes down to the weight of the item you’re hanging. While our pin hooks can support up to 20 lbs, if you suspect your item may not be that secure, we suggest using two hooks, one for each side, for added stability.

Can push-pin hooks damage my walls?

Push pin hooks are designed to minimize damage to walls but can still leave small holes. Use caution when removing them to keep the damage at a minimum.

Are push pin hooks reusable?

Yes, push pin hooks are reusable. You can remove them from the wall and reposition them as needed without causing a lot of damage.

Can push pin hooks be used outdoors?

Push pin hooks are designed for indoor use and may not hold up well outdoors, especially in wet or humid conditions.

Final Thoughts

In summary, push pin hooks are a fantastic medium to add a touch of personality to your room decor and make it an inviting place to come home to. Their versatility allows you to hang lightweight items and memorabilia, making your walls look more interesting. If you’re considering getting these stylish pin hooks, check out our Amazon store!

Happy hanging!

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