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Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Everything You Need to Know About Wall Hooks

  • by Arthur Harrison
  • 6 min read

What is a Wall Hook?

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Wall hooks are versatile hanging hardware commonly used to hang everyday items like hats, potholders, small towels, and coffee mugs.

But there's more to wall hooks than meets the eye. Because of their durability and strength, we can use wall hooks to support medium to large items like picture frames, art, and mirrors.

Did you know that wall hooks are made of different materials? You'll find hooks with brass, zinc-plated steel, and nickel-plated finishes. We also have plastic and steel hooks for concrete and brick walls. These choices are great for folks looking for something to match their walls and aesthetics.

What's cool about wall hooks is that they're so versatile.

They can be used anywhere at home, in the office, or even in commercial spaces. They don't take up too much space, they solve a clutter problem, and they're easy to use.

hanging canvas on a wall hook

What Are Wall Hooks Best Used For?

One of the common types of wall hooks available in the market are picture hanging hooks. They are traditional and specialty hooks that are ideal for hanging pictures, artwork, frames, signs, etc. 

They come in three different finishes: brass, zinc-plated steel, and nickel-plated hooks. Aside from that, wall hooks also come in different weight capacities to cater to light, medium, and heavy frames. 

In short, they’re functional and secure.

Picture Hang Solutions Wall Hooks

What Are the Different Types of Picture Hanging Hooks?

Here at Picture Hang Solutions, we have wall hooks that are tailored to a more specific need: hanging pictures. 

We have a wide selection of picture hanging hooks for different situations. Here are our five categories you will see in our store.

Brick & Concrete Hooks

Hardwall Plastic Hanger

These are hardware options for various concrete wall types like brick, block, or concrete walls. What’s cool about these hooks is that you don’t have to drill pilot holes anymore. 

The plastic hooks have strong bendless nails, which you tap to install. Meanwhile, the brick clips just snap onto the brick. Lastly, the steel utility hangers can be installed using wall dog screws or similar.

They’re all easy to install so that you can finish the job in less than a minute!

Courtesy Hooks

If you’re an artist selling your art, courtesy hooks are perfect for you. Providing your clients and patrons with a complimentary hook whenever they purchase an artwork hits two birds with one stone:

  1.  It’s an opportunity to create a good lasting impression with your customers. They would definitely appreciate the gesture and find it memorable.

  2. Giving out Courtesy Hooks is one way to make sure that they’ll use the right hook. 

Our standard Nickel Drywall Hooks and Pro Brass Hooks come in a ‘Thank You’ courtesy bag. These courtesy hooks can support 30-100 lbs — perfect for small, medium, and large frames.

Drywall and Plaster Hooks

Here you’ll find traditional picture hooks. We have nickel-plated and brass picture hooks that are easy to install and remove. One great thing about these wall hooks is that they use needlepoint nails. They leave just tiny holes on the wall, minimizing the damage. 

If you keep a picture hanging kit at home, it’s good to have some drywall hooks in there just in case.

Picture Rail Hooks

Picture Hang Solutions - Picture Rail Hooks

Rail Hooks allow you to hang and layout frames and art on the wall without drilling holes. They are a part of a gallery system. They’re hung on picture rail moldings, with nylon or steel hanging cables dangling from the ceiling.  

In-store, we have Wide Rail Hooks and Narrow Rail Hooks. The Wide Rail Hooks come in brass, silver, and white finishes. While the Narrow Rail Hooks only come in a brass finish.  

If you’re not familiar with the hardware that comes with these rail hooks, you can also buy the Wide Silver Hooks and Wide White Hooks in sets. It includes five rail hooks, five loop cables, and six adjustable picture hooks.

Specialty & Museum Hooks

Lastly, we have specialty and museum hooks for commercial uses. Here you’ll find unique-looking hooks designed for specific hanging needs.

Adjustable J-Hooks are two-part picture hangers with a 3/4” adjustment capacity. On the other hand, the Wall Buddies hanging system is a variation of—and a substantial improvement over—traditional sawtooth hangers.

Other products under this category include Hang Straight Hooks and Replacement Hooks for Wall Buddies, which come in brass and silver finish.

By now, you have an idea just how wide our wall hook selection is. Now let’s dive into how heavy each hook can hold. In the next section, we broke down the weight capacity of the wall hooks for your reference.

How Much Weight Can Wall Hooks Hold?

To help you narrow down your choices in wall hanging hooks, here’s a weight guide of all the hooks that Picture Hang Solutions has.

How to Install Wall Hanging Hooks 

As you already know, wall hooks are a one-and-done type of product. Installing them is pretty straightforward. Although most hooks are installed the same way, we have some hooks that need more effort than the others. 

But don’t let that scare you. We’re here to guide you through each step. Here are some of our top-performing picture-hanging hooks and how to install them.

Brass and Tremor Hook

Brass and Tremor Hooks fall under the drywall hooks category. They are reliable picture hangers with a brass finish. Both hooks may look the same, but Tremor hooks actually have a security feature that prevents frames from falling.


    1. Hammer the nails gently until the hook is flush against the wall.
    2. The raised nail guide socket on the front face of the hook will guide the nails into the wall at the proper 45-degree angle. Avoid over-hammering as this can compromise the hook’s holding power and may damage your wall.

The same instructions apply to angled hooks such as a Replacement Hook.

Hardwall Plastic Hook

This concrete wall hook works on hard-surface walls like concrete, cement, cinder block, thin plaster over concrete, soft, smooth brick, soft stone, and hardwood. 

When using this, make sure the object's weight must pull straight down on the hook (parallel to the wall). This is because the built-in pins on the hook are driven directly (90°) into the wall. Any outward pull on the hook will compromise its holding power.

Hardwall Plastic Hook


  1. Before installing, make sure the surface is smooth. Hold the hook firmly against the wall with your thumb and index finger. 
  2. Hammer down all of the pins simultaneously into the wall until they’re flush against the wall. Avoid over-hammering as this can compromise the hook’s holding power and may damage your wall.


Steel 30lb Utility Hook

The Steel Utility Hook is a strong picture hanger despite its small size. It can support medium to heavy frames up to 30 lbs.


1. Hold the hook against the wall and then insert the screw using a screwdriver.  

Adjustable J-Hook

The Adjustable J-Hook is a two-part picture hook that allows height and level adjustments without removing hung items from the wall. They are heavy-duty hooks that can support up to 100 lbs. 

The upper part is movable while the hook is under load. Other than that, we can also move the lower section of the J-hook by adjusting the hex nut. You can find the hex nut on the threaded bolt that connects both parts.

J-Hooks are used in conjunction with a hanging wire, strap hangers, or D-ring hangers attached at the back of the frame.


  1. Measure the distance between the two hangers at the back of the frame, and transfer measurement to the wall.
  2. Use a small hammer and the J-Hook nails provided to attach the J-Hook hangers to the wall.
  3. To adjust height and alignment, turn the head of a J-Hook connecting bolt with a Phillips screwdriver.

Brick Clip

These hangers hang pictures and other objects on a brick wall without actually drilling holes into the wall. At least ¼ inch of the brick protrudes outward for the clip to hold on to.

Brick clips have a weight capacity of 25 pounds, and they are only suitable for brick walls with recessed mortar joints. 


  1. Clip the bottom of the brick clip to the bottom of the brick on the wall.
  2. Push upwards, depressing the spring until the teeth go grips over the top of the brick.

Well, that’s about it for picture hanging hooks. Choose the right one, and you’re well on your way to finally getting those pictures and art up on the wall. 

If you’re looking for other hangers, too, feel free to browse through our line picture hanging hardware!

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