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9 Ways To Hang Art Without Frames

  • by Arthur Harrison
  • 5 min read

 Creativity takes over anytime and anywhere. Artists sometimes draw on the back of a receipt. Poets write words on a table napkin. Photographers take pictures of random subjects. 

This leaves you with raw and beautiful pieces of artwork that are sometimes challenging to place inside a frame. Regardless, these are still art in its truest form: passion in the spur of a moment. And they deserve a place on the wall where everybody can see them.

So what types of art can be hung unframed and how do you hang them?

Girl hanging unframed art

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

What Are Examples of Unframed Art?

Unframed art includes, but is not limited to, the following pieces:

  • Printed pictures
  • Drawings  on paper
  • Creative lettering
  • Poems written on a napkin
  • Painting on a random page of a sketchbook
unframed art taped on the wall

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

If you have these lying around your house and want to have a place for them, check out the different inspirations we've gathered below.

9 Creative Ways to Hang Up Unframed Art

With frames off the table, that means picture hangers might not be useful in this scenario. Yet, there is still some picture hanging hardware you can use. You'll also love how everyday items function as a picture hanging system.

In this list, there are 9 things you can use to achieve a casual and fun art gallery wall in your own space. Check them out!

Sawtooth Adhesive

First up on the list is a sawtooth picture hanger. This one is a peel-and-stick type of sawtooth designed to stick to the back of the art. Use this on lightweight art up to 3 lbs such as foam board, art panels, and small canvas art. 

Sawtooth Adhesive

For those who use foam board, there are 3 types ofsawtooth picture hangers you can use. These are the Plastic Sawtooth AdhesivesKwik Foam Board Hangers, and Metal Foam Board Hangers. You can even buy a 3-in-1 pack that includes all these.

art on the wall, on top of a low shelf

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

Washi Tape

Did you know that these originated in Japan? You can use washi tapes for a lot of purposes. One of them is to create faux frames on pictures and art you want to display.

What folks love about washi tapes is that they have an endless variety of colors and prints. They're all so vibrant that they spark a person’s creative side.

washi tape used as picture frames on walls

Photo and DIY by Design Sponge


This one is for folks who want to make a statement.

A clipboard isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an art wall display. It's quirky and unusual, but that's exactly why it grabs attention.

Looking at the photo below, how can you not use clipboards? They’re both functional and stylish and won’t damage your work. Plus, they're easy to work with. You can change prints, pictures, and posters at any time. Revamp your space without the hassle. Awesome, right?

To mount the clipboards on the wall, you can either use double-sided poster strips, nails or screws. 

Clipboard Gallery Wall by Sara Nelson

Photo by: Sarah Nelson

Binder Clips

Looking for an easy way to hang art that won’t break the bank? 

Binder clips are your best option. They're perfect for folks who want to keep their art in pristine condition. Instead of sticking the mounting tapedirectly onto the paper, you put it on the clip. If you have nails or one-step hangers on the wall, you can slip the binder clip on and off with ease.

You’ll end up with a cool industrial look, or a chic art display like this one.

Binder clips used to hang unframed art

Photo: Jenny W via Zazzle

String Lights and Clips

Here’s another statement piece that gives off whimsical but cozy vibes.

This makes use of a good combination of different decorative elements like string lights, photos, and clips. They make a great wall decor that adds warmth and brightness to the space and makes it look extra pretty at night. 

PRO TIP: It’s best to hang items that are as light as paper so the lights don't fall off the wall because of the weight. If you don’t have string lights at the moment, you can use regular jute strings or yarn.

Unframed art is hun using string, small clips, and fairy lights

Kikkerland Design 8-Foot LED Photo Clip String Lights
Photo from Bed Bath and Beyond


Next on the list is something you already might have at home: hangers. 

Skirt hangers are hangers with clips to hold skirts and trousers. We know, this example is a bit weird, but hear us out. 

Look at the photo below. Out of all the ideas here, this could be thebest way to hang posters, bigger sketches, and pictures. It’s unconventional but resourceful andoddly cool. 

PRO TIP: The trick is to choose a minimal and sleek design that looks good in your space. 

Skirt hangers used to hang unframed art

Photo from BYFRYD

Photo Wall Collage

Here’s a more casual take on gallery walls. 

A photo wall collage is an expressive way of arranging your photos on the wall. You can gather them together or space them out on a string like in the photo below.

To hang the photos, you can use either photo wires, strings, or good old mounting tape. They look so good on the wall, don't you think?

polaroids hung on strings

Photo from: Trendir

Grid Panels

Grid panels were trending for a while, and for good reason. They’re statement pieces. They’re organizers. They’re wall decorations. 

With a grid panel like this, you have a place to hang all your little trinkets. These include small pictures, prints, postcards, and even accessories. 

PRO TIP: To make it more eye-catching, add various lightweight decor. These could be accessories, plants, or dried flowers.

Grid panel wall by Urban Outfitters

Photo by Urban Outfitters via Pinterest


If a grid panel isn’t up your alley, you can definitely go for something simpler like a corkboard.

Pins are the go-to items when it comes to this display idea. They're simple and straightforward art hangers, but the downside is that you’re poking a hole on the item you’re hanging.

But if that doesn't matter to you, then this is a good way to showcase your art. You only have to get pins and then layout your small pictures and art nicely. Other things you can include are postcards, magazine cutouts, memorabilia, and prints.

Office Corkboard Wall by Just A Girl Blog

Photo and Corkboard Wall by Just a Girl Blog

Final Thoughts

Not gonna lie, there are a lot of ways you can showcase artwork without frames. And yes, they’re possible even without picture hangers.  Who would’ve thought that office supplies such as binder clips and clipboards would make great hanging hardware?

You can follow these ideas exactly as they are, or do your own spin on them to suit your aesthetic. One thing's for sure: your artwork will have a home while your wall will look great!

So, what’s your favorite idea? Let us know in the comments below! 


4 Responses

Picture Hang Solutions

Picture Hang Solutions

January 30, 2023

Hi Tim,

We agree! Using binders is definitely a unique way of displaying unframed art. Having it in a plastic or clear bag will totally be up to you! It will depend on your aesthetic and on how you would want it to be displayed. Leaving your artwork open will give it a fresh, raw look. But If you prefer your artwork protected, I suggest laminating them so that they remain flat and still easy to clip on the binders.

I hope this helps! If you decide to do this, we would love to see how it looks on your home! For more questions or concerns on your picture hanging needs, please feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to help!

Picture Hang Solutions

Tim B.

Tim B.

January 30, 2023

I love the idea of the binders.. my question is should you have your art in a clear plastic or a clear bag for protection of that art when it’s hanging? Thoughts?

Picture Hang Solutions

Picture Hang Solutions

November 10, 2022

Hi Tod,

That is an excellent question. Depending on the weight of your picture and the type of wall you have, we have three types of hangers for foam boards: Sawtooth Foam Hanger, Kwik Hanger, and Adhesive Hangers. More information on these hangers and how to install them are found here on this blog post: https://www.picturehangsolutions.com/blogs/info/foam-board-hangers-buyer-guide.

Other options are using a strong-grip double sided adhesive tape, double sided velcro tape, or a putty adhesive for foam boards. Hope this helps you with your question! If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist.

Picture Hang Solutions

Tod Colbert

Tod Colbert

November 10, 2022

I am looking for a hanging solution that will not only hang a foam board mounted photograph, but also keep the board from bowing. Is there a product or technique that accomplishes this?

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