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Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Economy Plastic Hanger | Hang Tabs


Size: 10 Pack ($0.5 Each)

About Economy Plastic Hanger Tabs

• Self-sticking plastic hanger for foamboard.

• One hanger will hold up to 1 pound or 2 pounds if you use 2 hangers.

• Economy hangers are suitable for very light items or items that will be hung only temporarily.

• 2" x 2" x .02" thick.


Foamboard plastic hangers have a pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. You simply peel off the adhesive release paper and apply the hangers to the backside of the foamboard. They can also be used on other types of the smooth surface board (cardboard, poster board, illustration board, etc.), as long as the object to be hung weighs no more than than 1 lb.


Helpful Notes about Plastic Foamboard Hangers

• Unless what you are hanging is very light or the installation temporary, we recommend using the more durable Zig-Zag hanger.

• Do not use wire in combination with foamboard plastic hangers. Picture wire can gradually slice through the plastic over time. If you want to use wire to hang foamboard, pair it with one of our Foamboard Metal Hangers.

• For the same reason, use Picture Hooks, not nails, with foamboard plastic hangers (nails plus gravity can gradually cut through plastic hangers).

• Do not use hanger to hang anything weighing over 1 lb (one hanger). These are light-duty hangers.

• The adhesive strength of plastic hangers will improve if the bond is allowed to age 24-48 hours before hanging.

• Use care when removing a plastic hanger so as not to tear away any more substrate material than necessary. Do not attempt to reuse either type of hanger after removing--they are intended for one-time use only.

• For indoor use only. Extreme cold or heat may cause the adhesive to fail.



1) Decide on and mark for the position of the hanger(s). Once pressed in place, plastic foamboard hangers cannot be repositioned or removed without damaging the substrate.

2) Be sure the surface of what you are hanging is clean, dry, and free from grease or oil.

3) Lay the foam board face down on a clean, hard surface. Push the hanger slightly down and forward simultaneously until the prongs penetrate completely into the foamboard core.

4) Stick the hanger down firmly and rub on well.

5) Bend the upper portion of the hanger back slightly to hang.

6) Adhesive strength will improve if the bond is allowed to age at least 24 hours before hanging.

7) Hang on the wall using Picture Hooks, not nails.