Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Narrow Picture Rail Hook


Size: 10 Pack ($0.78 Each)

About the Narrow Picture Rail Hook

• Brass finish narrow rail hook

• 1 3/4" long x 3/16" wide

• Thickness 1/8 inch

• Maximum picture weight using 1 hook per picture is 25 pounds

• Picture rail hooks are designed to fit tightly against the S-curve profile of traditional wood Picture Rail Moulding (sometimes called "Ogee" or "OG" moulding)



1) Two picture rail hooks per frame should be used.

2) A second person to assist in hanging can be very helpful.

3) Start by checking the fit of the hooks on your picture rail moulding. If necessary, hooks can be bent slightly for a better fit.

4) Strap Hangers or D-Ring Hangers should be installed at the top corners of frames to be hung, aligned vertically just below the top edge. Position the hangers down just far enough from the frame's top edge so that they will not be noticeable from the front side when the frame is hung.

5) Attach lengths of picture wire to the bottom (smaller) bends of two picture rail hooks, each length long enough to extend down from the Picture Rail Moulding to where the top of the frame will be on the wall. To attach wire to a picture rail hook: make 2-3 tight loops around the picture rail hook bottom bend about 4" down from one end of the wire; wrap the wire around itself to form a tight, compact coil about 1 to 1 1/2" long just below the bend; then clip off any excess wire.

6) Place the top (larger) bend of the picture rail hooks in position on the picture rail moulding, spaced apart roughly the same distance as the width of the frame to be hung. Let the loose ends of the wires dangle down.

7) Insert the wire from the picture rail hook on the right-hand side through the picture hanger on the right-hand side of the frame and raise the frame on the wall to roughly the height you want it to be. Support the left-hand side of the frame with your left hand or, better still, have someone help you hold the frame in position.

8) Temporarily loop the picture wire around itself at the picture hanger to hold the right-hand side of the frame in position.

9) Repeat Steps 7 and 8 on the left-hand side.

10) Make any necessary adjustments to the position or spacing of the hooks on the picture rail moulding. The two wires should be parallel.

11) As necessary, unloop the wires at the picture hangers and adjust the wire height up or down on either side until the picture is at the correct height and is level.

12) Final-wrap the wire at each picture hanger, making tight, compact coils. Clip off any excess wire.