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Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Sawtooth Foam Hanger


Size: 10 Pack ($0.16 Each)

About the product

Sawtooth foam hangers are quick hanging solutions with two sharp claws that puncture into the back of foam board. A serrated opening makes it easy to hold onto wall nails or screws. Foam board metal hangers are designed to hang posters or similar items mounted on foam board (foam core board) or other lightweight backing board but are not framed.

  • Press in metal sawtooth hanger for foam board with a 3/16" minimum overall thickness

  • Measures 3/4" long and 5/8" wide

  • Holds 1 lb (one hanger) to 2 lbs (two hangers)

  • No additional tools needed


  1. Lay the foam board face down on a clean, hard surface. Note: Do not use foam board metal hangers on boards less than 3/16" thick or the hanger prongs will penetrate through to the front surface, nor on hard-faced foam board such as Gatorboard/Gatorfoam which the hanger prongs cannot penetrate.

  2. Position the metal sawtooth hanger’s prongs to point toward the top edge of the back of the foam board.

  3. Push the hanger down slightly and forward simultaneously until the prongs puncture the foam board core.

  4. If using two sawtooth foam hangers, place each on its own nail or screw to keep foamboard-mounted art level when hung.

  5. To remove a metal sawtooth foam hanger, pull it out in the opposite direction.

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