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Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

3 Damage-Free Solutions That Can Help with Home Maintenance

  • by Arthur Harrison
  • 4 min read

As a homeowner, you want to keep your walls and furniture in good condition for as long as possible. But accidents happen, and furniture can get scuffed, scratched, and damaged over time. Luckily, there are several easy and inexpensive solutions you can use to maintain the condition of your walls, floor, and furniture.

In this article, get to know different Picture Hang Solutions products that will indirectly help you with house maintenance without you having to do anything after installation!

Picture Hanging Bumpers

One of the most effective solutions is to use bumpers. 

Bumpers are small, adhesive-backed pads that can be attached to the corners of wall frames, furniture and other objects. They are designed to absorb impact and prevent damage to walls and other surfaces. 

By using bumpers, you can protect your walls and furniture from scuff marks, scratches, and other types of damage.

Here are the different types of picture hanging bumpers we have in store!

Clear Rubber Bumpers

Clear Rubber Bumpers are protective pads that are nearly invisible when placed on glass surfaces. They can be used on glass table tops, frames, mirrors, electronics like tablets, and small appliances. These picture hanging bumpers help protect your belongings without being noticeable.

Flat Rubber Bumpers

Flat Rubber Bumpers are small, cube-shaped pads that are ideal for use on wood frames and other household items like cabinets. 

They provide the same level of protection as other types of picture hanging bumpers, but they do not significantly increase the height of the object they are attached to. This means that you can use them on lids and still have the full function of the bumpers, while also ensuring that the lid stays closed.

Tapered Bumpers

Tapered bumpers are square pads that taper down to about half its original size. These bumpers are commonly used when hanging frames and more space is needed between the frame and the wall. 

Additionally, their height allows for airflow or ventilation, making them useful as replacement feet for electronics like computers, speakers, and keyboards.

Dome Bumpers

Dome Bumpers are small, dome-shaped rubber pads that are ideal for use on metal frames. They can also be applied to equipment and machinery. 

Their size makes them the best option for metal frames, as they can fit in channels that are too narrow for larger bumpers. 

Felt Bumpers

Felt Bumpers are soft, cushioning pads that provide protection for a variety of objects. They are ideal for use on chairs, table feet, cabinets, and lids. These bumpers have a sticky backing that allows them to stick to most surfaces, including wood, metal, tile, and even paper. 

Despite their soft texture, they are effective at reducing dragging and slamming noises when moving tables and chairs or closing cabinet doors. Felt Bumpers are a great choice when you need to protect your belongings and reduce noise.

If you want to know about their respective dimensions, specific uses, and other details, check out the article, Everything You Need to Know about Picture Hanging Bumpers

Click the link to read the article or head on to the Picture Hang Blog for more content.

Plastic Tack Glides

Plastic tack glides are another useful tool for maintaining the condition of your floors and some furniture. These guides are typically made from a hard plastic material and feature a series of small, sharp prongs. 

When placed on the wall, the prongs hold the furniture in place and prevent it from sliding or moving. This helps to prevent scuff marks and scratches on the floor and furniture, and keeps them looking like new.

⚒️ How to Install Plastic Tack Glides

1. Place the item on its side or upside down, exposing the legs or feet.

2. Position the tack glide so that the nail sits in the middle of the foot.

3. Hammer the tack into the wood until the white part touches the foot.

As a result, the tack glide will be securely attached to the item and allow it to move smoothly without damaging the surface. That’s it and you’re done!

Furniture Leveling Feet

Furniture leveling feet are another type of tool that can help maintain the condition of your floors and furniture. These feet are attached to the legs of furniture and are used to adjust the height and level of the furniture. 

By using furniture leveling feet, you can ensure that your furniture is stable and level, which can prevent it from tipping over and causing damage to walls and other surfaces.

⚒️ How to Install Furniture Leveling Feet

1. Drill a 1-inch deep hole using a 5/16 drill bit.

2. Tap the T-nut flush against the wood using a hammer.

3. Screw the felt foot into the T-nut and rotate to reach desired height.

Final Thoughts

In summary, picture hanging bumpers, plastic tack guides, and furniture leveling feet are all effective tools for maintaining the condition of your walls and furniture. They are inexpensive and easy to use, and can save you time, money, and hassle in the long run. 

So if you want to keep your walls and furniture looking like new, consider using these simple solutions to maintain their condition.

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