Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Tremor Hook 30 lb Brass


Size: 10 Pack ($1.11Each)

About the Brass Tremor Hook (30 lb)

  • Tremor Safety Hanger to prevent artwork from falling off hook
  • Wire snaps under the hook's spring for a secure hold
  • Used in earthquake areas to prevent art from falling off the hook
  • Works well in drywall, wood or plaster walls
  • Professional high quality steel nails to provide maximum support with smaller nail hole
  • Excellent in plaster walls since the sharp steel nails will penetrate plaster with a very small hole to minimize damage
  • Holds up to 30 pounds


Prevent framed art from falling off the wall or slipping off a nail or hook. Tremor hooks are for areas where the wall shakes from slamming doors, trains or earthquakes. Tremor hooks can also be used in swaying boats. Tremor Hangers are also called Kidsafe Hangers since they easily prevent a picture from being pulled off a wall or bumped off.

Tremor hooks have a raised nail collar to guide the nails in at the proper 45 degree angle.Tap the nails in—they are sharp and do not require strenuous hammering which can damage the nail head.

Consider using two hooks, spaced apart which will help your pictures hang straighter and stay secure.

Tremor Hook 30 lb Brass

When hanging your art,use your finger to guide the wire to slide or snap under the hook’s spring.Apply picture load gradually to insure proper hold.After hanging a wired piece of art, peek behind it to make sure the wire is inside the spring clip.


Remove & Reuse

To remove tremor hooks use fingers or pliers to pull the nail out at a 45 degree angle with a slight twisting motion. Prying a hook away from the wall with a tool will usually damage the wall surface and possibly the hook or nail.

These strong and sturdy hooks and nails are reusable if they have not been damaged during installation or removal. Using gentle tapping when installing and proper nail removal will allow for multiple uses of the professional brass plated tremor hooks.