T-Head Screw Drill Bit

  • A specialdrill bitfor use with T-head Screws
  • Great for when you have to install multiple frames using security hardware. 
  • Pack includes (1) T-head screw drill bit 
  • Thisdrill bithas a slot that perfectly fits the head of the T-screw
  • Perfect for installing frames using security kits at home or in art galleries

T-head screw drill bitsmake installing  t-screws into walls easier through the use of apower drill.The drill bit has a slot where the screw fits perfectly for seamless installation.

How to install:

  1. Attach thedrill bitto thepower drill.
  2. Place the T-head screw onto the wall in the desired location.
  3. Place the drill bit over the T head screw and screw into the wall.

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