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Orders over $99 ship FREE

Nylon Cord 72-Inch With Small Hook


About Nylon Cord 72-Inch With Small Hook

  • Hanging nylon cord compatible for TR100 track. Supports up to 11 lbs. (5kg)
  • Best used for hanging light paintings, picture frames, and posters on any smooth flat wall.
  • Dimension: 72 inches (182cm) long
  • The curved bit on top is designed to insert easily on the channel under the track.


The C001 Nylon Cord is a hanging cord that’s compatible with the TR100 wall track. It has a curved design on top that makes it easier to insert into the channel under the track.

The nylon cord suspends from the wall track and hangs frames using picture hooks (not included). An unused cord may be coiled on the back of a frame.