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Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Keyhole Frame Hanging Kit - Keyhole Slot Marking Tool Set - For Up to 3 Frames


About the product

The keyhole frame hanging kit has everything you need to hang objects with keyholes easily. This keyhole slot marking tool set includes locators, designed to fit perfectly into keyhole hangers and mark the wall accurately. Bear claw screws slide and fit perfectly onto the keyhole hangers, keeping pictures close to the wall and hardware out of sight.

  • Frame hanging kit best used for objects and picture frames with two keyholes on the back

  • Screw measures 1 ⅜”, locator measures ½” 

  • Bear claw screws hold up to 30 lbs (drywall) or up to 100 lbs (stud)

  • Picture hanging kit includes six (6) bear claw screws, two (2) locators, and one (1) bubble level


  1. Attach locators to the frame by inserting them into the keyholes, then push them up and apply masking tape to hold them in place. 

  2. Position the frame on the wall with the bubble level placed on top. Once level, press firmly to mark the wall.

  3. Remove tape and locators. If installing on brick or concrete, drill a ⅛” pilot hole. 

  4. Install bear claw screws in the marked areas. 

  5. Hang your item on the wall.