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Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Plate Hangers for Decorative Hanging - Includes Brass Hook and Nail


About the product

    Plate hangers combine functionality and aesthetic appeal by providing an elegant solution for displaying your decorative plates. They stretch to accommodate most plate sizes without scratching them thanks to their soft padded rubber grips. They’re almost invisible from the front, creating a floatingwall art effect, and leave only a pin-sized hole on the wall.

    • Sturdy stainless steel plate holders for decorative and antique plates

    • Plate hanger measures 6 ¾” long, hook measures ⅜” wide and 1 ⅛” long, and nail measures 1 ⅜” long

    • Supports up to 30 lbs

    • Expandable spring-loaded middle section fits most 7-11” plates

    • Includes one (1) plate hanger, one (1) brass hook, and one (1) nail


    1. Position the plate hanger at the back of the plate.

    2. Hook one end to the rim of the plate. Stretch the expandable spring in the middle to hook the other end.

    3. Space the hanger prongs evenly on the plate. Position the top prongs so they’re centered on the upper part of the plate. Check that the hanger’s fit is snug on the plate: a secure fit means no wiggle room.

    4. Hang the plate on the wall hook.

    5. To remove, simply lift a plate off the hook and detach the hanger.

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