Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

1/4“ Canvas Offset Clips


Size: 10 pack ($0.20 each)

About the Canvas Offset Clips

  • Canvas clips secure canvas art into frames with a shallower depth and keep it in place.
  • Offset clips are used only for wooden canvas stretchers and wood frames.
  • Easy installation. Minimal tools required.
  • Single-hole varieties are used for small to medium-sized frames, while double-hole varieties are used for heavier and thicker frames.



  • ¼” canvas clips
  • #6 x ⅜" screws (1 per clip)



These canvas clips are a quick, no-fuss solution when repurposing frames to house canvas art. They fasten the wooden canvas stretcher bars into the frame.

We provide three different sizes to accommodate all your needs. Each size and variety has a similar installation process.



  1. Put the canvas into the loading frame and check the rise of the frame or canvas, depending on which one is thicker. This will determine what size of clip to use.
  2. Small and medium frames need only one clip on each side. Space the clips out for bigger frames at 4-5 inch intervals.
  3. Use an awl or a screwdriver to fasten the clips.


Additional Notes:

Selecting the right size of offset depends on your selected frame’s depth and how it compares with the canvas stretcher. Usually, the situation is that the canvas stretcher is wider than the frame depth, thus the need for the offset. To double-check, measure how much of the stretcher is projecting past the frame. The offset is attached to the frame.

However, in other situations where the frame is deeper than the canvas, it’s best to use a double-hole canvas clip. If you want to use the single-hole variety, you’ll need to attach the offset to the stretcher instead of the other way around.