Orders over $99 ship FREE

Orders over $99 ship FREE

Sturdy Ceiling Grid Hooks - Holds up to 15 lbs - Drop Ceiling Hooks for Posters and Decorations


Size: 10 Packs ($2.00 each)
  • Sturdy grill hooks work with ceiling grids. Supports up to 15 lbs 
  • Pack includes left and right Ceiling Grid Hooks
  • A two-part hook that can be used individually, or together to create a closed end hook. Each hook is labeled either L or  R to get the right configuration
  • Perfect for hanging ceiling decorations such as hanging plants, holiday decorations, posters, etc. Hooks can also accommodate chains, cables, loops and S-hooks.

Product description:

Eachdrop ceiling hookis labeled L and R to get the right configuration.Use both a right and left to create a sturdier hook. Using 2 left hooks also creates a closed-end hook if needed.

Drop ceiling hooks are designed to hang posters andceiling decorations that you want suspended from the ceiling. You can hang a variety of things such as advertising posters, hanging plants, holiday decorations, etc.

How to install:

  1. Left and rightceiling hookscan be used individually, or together to create a closed end hook. 
  2. Slide either one hook or both hooks onto the ceiling grid.
  3. Hang your item from the hook.