Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

20 lb One Step Hanger Brass Finish


Size: 10 pack ($0.44 each)

20 lb One Step Hanger

  • One step picture hanger supports 20 lbs and works as a small picture hook in drywall
  • Easy Hanging nails: Tap in the one piece nail hanger at angle until round disk is flat against the wall
  • Quick picture hanger can be removed and reused leaving only a small nail pin hole when removed
  • Small frame nails design prevents nail from going too far in wall and keeps nail hole small while supporting more weight than just a nail
  • One Step hangers are the quick and easy solution to hang artwork, frames or crafts under 20 pounds


The one piece design of the OOK one step hanger makes it the quickest and easiest picture frame nail. The nail is tapped into the wall at an angle until the round disk sits flat against the wall. The strength is in the design of the angle and the flat disk on the wall distributing the weight. The disk also prevents the frame nail from slipping down in the drywall and making a bigger nail hole when your art is hung.

Whether you need 20 lb picture hangers or 10 lb picture hangers, this small picture hook can support the weight and barely leave a mark in your wall when removed. Small picture hooks can be reused if you remove carefully by pulling the nail out at an upward angle.