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Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Track 100 Kit With Steel Cords And Hardware


About Track 100 Kit With Steel Cords And Hardware

  • Unique picture hanging system composed of a 79-inch (6.8-ft.) long flat metal wall track, steel cords, small hooks, and hardware. 
  • Track supports up to 154 lbs. Steel Cord supports 28 lbs. 
  • Best used for hanging paintings, picture frames, and posters on any smooth, flat wall. Not advised for rough or non-straight walls.
  • The whole picture hanging system is easy to install.  Fasten the round locators to the wall, and clip the track onto it. Then, attach the cords and picture hooks.
  • Track is designed to hide away fasteners on the wall, giving it a subtle, classy look.  


  • TR100 Wall Track - 79-inches (6.8 ft)
  • Steel Cable - 72-in. (182cm)
  • Self Grip Adjustable J Hook - 1.42” x 0.39”

Pack Includes

  • (1) Wall Track 
  • (6) M4*440mm Screws and Anchors
  • (3) Steel Cords
  • (9) Self Grip Adjustable J Hooks
  • (1) Connector
  • (5) Locators


  1. Install the locators on the wall. Then, clip the track onto the locators.
  2. Hook the steel cord on the track.
  3. Attach Adjustable J Hooks onto the steel cord.
  4. Hang frames.

*A T100 Connector will be needed when connecting multiple tracks together.