Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Wire Hanger 40 lbs


Size: 10 Pack ($2.20 each)

About the product

Wire hangers help keep hanging wire in place when hanging picture frames. Also known as a wall dog wire hanger due to its pre drilled hole for wall dog screws, this aluminum safety hanger has an extruded lip that prevents wire from slipping out easily when the frame is lifted. This provides a larger point of contact to hold the wire securely in place. 

  • Aluminum wire hanger for medium to large picture frames with picture hanging wire

  • Measures 1” long and 1 ½” wide

  • Supports up to 40 lbs 

  • Screws and bumpers are sold separately


  1. Before installing the wire hanger, attach bumpers (sold separately) to the bottom of the frame if needed. 

  2. To install the safety hanger, hold it in position and mark the holes on the desired location on the wall.

  3. Insert wall dog screw (sold separately) or screws of your choice into the safety hanger and screw it in using a Phillips screwdriver or drill.

  4. Hang the wired picture onto the safety hanger.