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Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Wall Buddies Wood Small - 1 Pair


About the product

Wall buddies are self-leveling sawtooth hangers that come in pairs, unlike traditional sawtooth hangers. The hangers strengthen the upper corners of frames like corner braces and eliminate the stress on frame rails and corner joints, while their sawtooth edges allow frames to be level and flush with the wall.

  • For wood frames up to 24" x 30" (at least 6" wide)

  • Measures 1 5/16" wide and 2 13/16" long

  • Supports up to 30 lbs

  • Includes #4 x 3/8" screws


  1. Place the frame face-down on a blanket or soft surface.

  2. Position the wall buddies on the upper corners, by the inner edges of the frame, and mark the places for pilot holes.

  3. Pre-drill pilot holes for screws to prevent wood splitting.

  4. Install Wall Buddies Hangers using the screws provided. Left and right hangers are marked. Depending on the weight of the frame, it may not be necessary to use all screws. 

TIP: Always double-check that the Wall Buddies screw length you use will not break out on the front face of your frames with the hangers installed. Use shorter than standard screws only when absolutely necessary to avoid break-out. Reducing the length of hanger screws also reduces hanger holding power. 

  1. Measure the distance between the arrow marks on the left and right hangers.

  2. Nail the two special Wall Buddies wall hooks into the wall, spaced apart at the same distance and as level as possible. The wall hook nails should be located on the wall approximately about 1" lower than the position of the hangers on the frame.

  3. Hang the frame so that the sawtooth edges of each hanger rest on the exposed shank of the nail inside the special wall hooks.

  4. To level the frame, slide it left or right with a slight lifting motion.

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