Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

Super Steel 4-Hole Wire Hanger


Size: 10 Pack ($1.56 Each)

About the product

    Super steel frame hangers are multiple screw hangers ideal for securing frames that need additional screw holding power. Less bulky than D-rings and strap hangers, this heavy duty but very thinmultiple screw frame hanger has four screw holes staggered to reduce the chance of wood splitting and offers support both above and below a frame’s picture wire.

    • Best used on narrow and softwood frames 

    • Supports up to 100 lbs

    • Measures 3 ½” long and ½” wide

    • Includes #6 x ½” screws

      • 10 pack: 10 hangers and 40 screws (good for 5 frames)

      • 100 pack: 100 hangers and 400 screws (good for 50 frames)

    • For use together with hanging wire


    1. Lay the picture frame face down on a blanket or soft surface.

    2. Position one super steel frame hanger each on the left and right sides of the back of the frame. Make sure they’re aligned with each other.

    3. Mark the hangers’ places on the frame side rails with a pencil.

    4. Attach the wire hangers onto the frame using a screwdriver with the screws provided.

    5. Tie the picture wire into each hanger’s slot.TIP: Super steel frame hangers have an extruded O-shaped opening for wire that can bend up to receive it and re-flatten if needed.

    6. Hang your picture on the wall.

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