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Holiday Decor Trends You Should Try in 2023

  • by Arthur Harrison
  • 3 min read

Ho, ho, ho, the holidays are fast approaching! December is one of the liveliest seasons of the year and it’s time to deck the halls with the latest decor trends 2023 has to offer. This year, it’s about striking a balance between traditional and modern holiday decor. Whether you prefer classic red and green ambiance or a more contemporary approach, there’s something for everyone this holiday season.

Go Manic for Metallics

Shimmering metallics take center stage this holiday season, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to your decor. Think beyond the traditional gold and silver and explore rich, jewel-toned metallics like copper, rose gold, and deep bronze. Incorporate metallic accents through ornaments, garlands, table settings, and even wrapping paper. These lustrous elements effortlessly elevate your space and create a dazzling festive ambiance.

In the context of hanging pictures, you can also swap your picture frames for metallic ones. Gold and silver picture frames make good Christmas wall decor and make your space look elegant. Whether they’re classic and minimalist or big and intricately designed, matching your frames with your holiday 2023 aesthetic is a good way to make your space look cohesive!

Embrace Nature-Inspired Elegance

“Bringing in” the outdoors continues to be a cherished trend this holiday season. Embrace the beauty of nature with ornaments and decor inspired by woodland creatures, pinecones, and winter foliage. Incorporate fresh greenery, wreaths, and natural textures like burlap and twine to infuse your space with a rustic yet elegant charm. Consider adorning your tree with handmade ornaments or opting for sustainable decor options to align with eco-friendly values.

Christmas ornaments on a Christmas tree

Make Modern Minimalism Happen

Simplicity takes on a modern twist in holiday decor for 2023. Embrace the elegance of minimalism by opting for a clean and streamlined aesthetic. Choose a neutral color palette with pops of metallics or soft pastels. Create a captivating visual impact with simple yet striking decor pieces, such as abstract ornaments, sleek and minimalist decorations, and perhaps a grid-style gallery wall. This trend proves that less can indeed be more when it comes to modern holiday decor.

Four frames on the wall with holiday decorations surrounding it

Creating a gallery wall is fun and easier than you might think. Learn everything you need to know by reading this article: How to Create a Gallery Wall Like a Pro. You’ll find a guide, pro tips, and product recommendations to achieve the same look!

White-themed Christmas village decoration

Another way to decorate your home using the modern minimalism approach is to set up a modern Christmas village. According to Jenna from House of Rad, this fresh take on the classic Christmas village incorporates clean lines, neutral hues, and a deliberate reduction in intricate embellishments. The Scandi-style decor imparts a modern and streamlined appearance to your space, while maintaining a timeless and soothing ambiance.

Flaunt the Flock

Transport your home into an enchanting winter wonderland with a whimsical forest-inspired theme. Think fairy lights, woodland creatures, and glistening snowflakes. Create a cozy nook with plush faux fur throws and pillows, and adorn your tree with enchanting fairy tale-themed ornaments. This trend is all about capturing the magic and fantasy of the holiday season, making it perfect for both children and the young at heart.

Here’s a helpful video by Kinwoven - Robeson Design. Learn easy and budget-friendly ways to flock your Christmas tree and discover other holiday decorating tips!

Say Yes to Mid-Century Color Palette

Infuse your holiday decor for 2023 with the iconic hues that defined an era, including vibrant oranges, rich teals, and warm mustard yellows. These colors bring a sense of nostalgia and playfulness to your festive arrangements, capturing the spirit of both the holiday season and the mid-century design aesthetic. Overall, the mid-century color palette is a fantastic way to add a unique and visually captivating twist to your Christmas decor.

A cool way to infuse these palettes into your living space involves selecting or crafting artwork featuring these colors and framing them against a clean white wall. This technique ensures that the artwork takes center stage, creating a striking visual impact that captures attention and exudes a vibrant ambiance.

Global Fusion

Embrace a worldly perspective by incorporating diverse cultural elements into your holiday decor. This trend celebrates the beauty of multicultural traditions, allowing you to blend unique ornaments, textiles, and symbols from around the world. From hand-painted ceramics to intricate textiles, your holiday decor can become a tapestry of global inspiration that tells a rich and vibrant story.

Holiday decorations

Final Thoughts

The holiday decor trends of 2023 offer a plethora of exciting possibilities to transform your home into a festive haven. From classic and timeless decor to mid century and modern approaches, this year's trends showcase a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. As you embark on your holiday decorating journey, let these trends inspire you to create a magical and inviting atmosphere that celebrates the joy and spirit of the season.

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