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Orders over $99 ship FREE within the 48 contiguous states.

3 Fall-Proof Wall Hanging Hardware Products to Safeguard Your Treasured Pieces

  • by Arthur Harrison
  • 5 min read

Time and time again, pictures and art prove to be the most common items to hang on a wall, as they give life and character to our spaces with ease. However, in certain situations, we often have large frames, furniture, or even some practical furniture or storage items positioned on or against the wall.

Whether these items are sentimental or expensive, the last thing we want is for these treasured pieces to fall and become damaged. Fortunately, there are several products available that can help us avoid this nightmare.

In this article, we will be highlighting three picture hanging solutions – two types of hanging hooks and one piece of furniture securing hardware – all designed with an extra layer of security to keep you at ease.

Tremor Hooks

Tremor Hooks look much like our Brass Hooks. What's the difference between the two?

Traditional hanging hooks are highly reliable hangers. Their simplicity and ease of use have made them crowd favorites for hanging pictures, art, and mirrors. Although already secure as they are, Tremor Hooks have an additional feature.

Tremor hooks have a spring clip that transforms the traditional Brass Hook from an open-ended hook to a close-ended one. The spring can be pushed inwards to allow the picture hanging wire to pass through, and then released to secure the wire in place.

This hook is specifically designed to withstand unexpected or intense vibrations and movements that may occur. Such situations could arise from earthquakes, heavy foot traffic, slamming doors, and children playing inside the house. During any of these instances, the shaking could potentially cause a frame to slip off a regular hook, increasing the chances of damage. 

With the spring clip mechanism added to the regular brass hook, wires stay securely in place. In simple terms, Tremor Hooks can be considered the overprotective cousin of Brass Hooks.

Standing mirror leaning on the wall

Anti-Tip Kits

Do you see the giant mirror leaning against the wall in the image above?

It looks amazing and refreshingly cool styled like that instead of being hung on the wall. However, we can't help but worry that it might slide down or tilt forward and fall. In such a situation, accidents could occur, such as:

  • The mirror hitting someone (a person, a child, or a pet).
  • The mirror shattering into pieces on the floor.
  • If the mirror is expensive or rare and the frame or glass breaks, the value becomes $0. 

The same risk applies to big cabinets, shelves, or large displays. To prevent such incidents, it's best to secure your items from tipping over.

Furniture Anti-Tip Kit in use

Anti-Tip Kits are complete sets of hardware used for securing large items on the floor, leaning against the wall. Despite their small size, this anti-tip hardware is incredibly strong, with a weight capacity of 400 lbs.

The brackets and pins are made of durable steel. The loop cable that attaches the furniture to the wall is constructed of aircraft-grade steel cable, which is highly reliable in terms of supporting heavy loads.

For your convenience, each kit includes everything you need for installation:

  • 2 Brackets
  • 2 Locking Pins
  • 1 Clevis Pin
  • 1 Loop Cable
  • 4 Screws
A woman hanging up a painting

Security Kits

You may know Security Kits as something used for protection against potential theft. While that remains true, we would also like to highlight that the inclusion of the T-head screw in its setup provides an additional point of contact that secures the frame hung on the wall.

This makes the artwork almost impossible to move, ensuring it stays firmly in place. In instances where there is a potential risk of the art piece falling off its hanger, art gallery staff can rest assured that it won't be easy to budge.

Similar to Anti-Tip Kits, Security Kits are complete sets of hardware ready for installation. The difference is that Security Kits are mainly used to prevent potential thieves from grabbing the displayed piece and making a run for it. When you purchase one kit, you'll receive all or some of the below depending on which kit you purchase:

  • (1) T-Head screw 
  • (2) Wall Brackets
  • (3) Mounting Plates 
  • (3) Plastic Anchors
  • (8) Screws 

Unlike the usual hangers and hardware, installing Security Kits can be a bit tricky. Each package includes an instruction manual for your reference so you don’t have to worry. Additionally, you can check out this video demonstrating how to install them on the wall.

Bonus Picture Hanging Tips for Secure Hanging

Although we have a fall-proof line consisting of picture hangers and furniture safety hardware to cater to your picture and item hanging needs, there are a few things you can do to ensure the safety of your pictures and art, even if you don’t have the above-mentioned products.

Buy a picture hanger that has the correct weight rating.

Most, if not all picture hangers have a specified weight rating. This indicates the maximum weight that the hanger can support when the item is hung on the wall. The rule of thumb is to buy hangers with a weight capacity of 1-3 times the weight you’re hanging.

Let's say your picture frame weighs 15 lbs; you can buy 30 lb Brass Hooks or 30 lb Tremor Hooks. By selecting the right picture hangers for your application, you can rest assured that your pictures will hang securely on the wall.

Make sure the picture hanger is compatible with the type of wall you’re hanging on.

We understand how convenient it would be if things were a one-size-fits-all type of solution by default. However, it doesn't always work that way. There are picture hangers designed for specific wall types. In our case, we have hangers made for concrete walls, drywall, and plaster.

Here are our top recommendations for each wall type:

Install the hangers correctly.

Last but not least, ensure that your frames are hung securely by installing the picture hangers correctly. Follow the instructions and avoid any shortcuts to ensure that the strength of the hook or hardware is not compromised.

For example, if your picture hanging hardware requires making pilot holes first, don't skip that step. If there's a specific size of a drill bit that should be used, make sure to follow the recommended size. Following instructions thoroughly will be beneficial in the long term, allowing you to go about your days without worrying that your frames will fall.

A series of lifestyle application of picture hangers

Final Thoughts

Investing in fall-proof picture hangers offers peace of mind as you enjoy the beauty of your valuable pictures, decor, and artwork displayed in your space. By selecting the right hangers and following proper installation techniques, you can protect your cherished pieces and create an environment that exudes warmth and style.

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